Monday, October 13, 2014

Gray Dog Hoodie

Here is a picture of Anze in his gray dog hoodie.  Anze was so excited to wear his gray dog hoodie because it was made out of 100% cotton and was so soft and warm.  He was also excited because his Mommy was wearing a matching gray hoodie she got when she went to Oregon.  Anze and his Mommy were matching in gray hoodies.  Anze's Mommy bought this little gray dog hoodie online and it had a pocket near Anze's booty.  It was a size small and was a little too big on him (because he's a doxiepin), but Anze didn't mind. He knows that dog hoodies are meant to be loose and baggy.  Anze would definitely recommend any dog getting a gray dog hoodie for the fall/winter season!