Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anze the Doxiepin's Favorite Duck Toy

Anze the doxiepin has a favorite duck toy.  Anze loves his duck toy.  It makes him feel as if he is in hunting mode.

The duck toy makes duck quacking noises if you squeeze the bigger part of its body.  
The duck toy has a hard stiff neck which makes it easier for Anze to hold in his mouth.  

Anze loves to play fetch with his favorite duck toy. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anze the Doxiepin Loves His Showers

Anze the doxiepin loves his showers.  When Anze's parents first adopted him they tried giving him baths for the first few times.  Anze made splish-splashing messes everywhere and didn't like taking baths.  Then Daddy tried cleaning him in the shower.  Anze likes taking showers.  He is such a good boy and is so cooperative.  Anze likes to try to lick the rain drops that are falling on his head in the shower.  He also likes to press his nose against the shower glass.

He always knows when its time to get clean, because his parents always said "Anze time for a bath!"  So even when Anze now takes showers, Anze's parents still say "Anze time for a bath!" and he knows the drill.

Anze's Mommy waits for him to get done with his shower and then dries him off with his big towel.  Anze likes to be held (like a baby) when being dried off.  Once he is all dry, Mommy puts him on the floor and he likes to run around and jump around.  He likes to sprint throughout the house trying to regain his "doggy scent" back. Anze always smells so good and his doxiepin fur coat is always so soft and shiny.  Anze uses Magic Coat 2 in 1 (shampoo plus conditioner) by Four Paws.

Anze keeps his shampoo/conditioner right next to his Daddy's shampoo in the shower.  
Anze loves taking his showers.


Doxiepin Dog Plays in the Mud

Anze the doxiepin was having fun playing in the mud. This was Anze's first time playing in the mud.  Anze's Mommy wanted grass in the front patio for Anze to play in.  So Anze's Mommy had Anze's Daddy plant nice green grass for Anze.  Anze decided that he wanted to help in digging holes in the mud, where the grass was going to be planted. 

This little doxiepin dog was getting down and dirty in the mud.  He liked splashing in the mud puddles and running around in the wet dirt.  Anze was having the time of his life! 

*Dig - Dig - Digger - Dig - Dig - Diggerton - Dig - Dig Dog!* 

Fun in the mud! Diiiiiiiirrrrrrrty Dog! 

Anze liked trying to eat the muddy rocks, which his Mommy had to go and take out of his mouth.  Anze was such a good little digging buddy and was so good at finding every muddy rock in the planter.  Mommy definitely had a busy time getting all the muddy rocks out of Anze's mouth.

Anze is helping Daddy! Look at this dirty boy! 

Doxiepin muddy mustache!

Watch Anze mud-whompin' through the mud!



Nice job Daddy! Anze and Mommy are so happy! 

Anze loves his green grass!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Doxiepin Missing His Mommy

Anze the doxiepin was missing his mommy while she was in class. He missed her so much that he decided to send her a message because he just wants her to come home to cuddle and play with him.  Anze misses his mommy while she is at work, in class or spending time away from him.

When Anze's mommy is out and about, Anze spends quality time with his daddy (or babysitters).  Tonight Anze and his daddy  watched Thursday night football, ate dinner, went for a walk, played fetch and helped make dinner for mommy so she could eat when she got home from class.

Anze loves his mommy and shows how much he missed her by overwhelming her with kisses and yips of excitement when she gets home.  He always waits by the door for her and greets her with his wagging tail!  Anze is such a good doxiepin! His mommy loves him so much!

*Absence makes the heart grow fonder..*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Anze the Doxiepin First Obedience Class

Anze the doxiepin had his first obedience class tonight on 9/25/12.  Anze was the only doxiepin in his obedience class that he took at Petsmart. There were a lot of other little puppies which he was not used to.  Anze has never been around a lot of other puppies before.  He was a little nervous at first.  The other dogs were sniffing other dogs, a few barks here and there, hiding behind their owners, or being held by their owners.  Anze was so well behaved. 

It was hard for mommy not to pick Anze up everytime he got scared or wanted to be picked up.  It took a few minutes for him to warm up to other dogs and get a feel of his surroundings.  There were other puppies where their mommys and daddys held them majority of the time, but Anze's parents felt that would defeat the purpose of going to obedience school.  Anze doesn't really need the obedience as he is such a good puppy.  He really needs it for the socialization and interaction with other puppies. 

Anze got called by the trainer to be an example to the class.  He was a fast learner and liked getting rewarded for being smart and following instructions.  The trainer had fishy tasting snack treats.  Anze was ahead of the game.  When the trainer would tell the other dogs to "sit", he himself would go ahead and sit. 

Anze was doing very well with training and performing his commands with Mommy.  So then he started training with Daddy while Mommy took pictures.  He was doing so well, that after he gave daddy kisses.

This is a video clip of how well Anze and Daddy were doing in class.  Anze by far was one of the best students in obedience class. 

Anze was such a good student.  He is such a smart doxiepin.  Anze likes to learn and likes treats and likes obedience school.  I wonder where he gets it from.. (..maybe his Mommy..)

Then it was time to go home.. And Anze can't wait for class #2 next Tuesday! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Anze The Doxiepin Loves His Mommy

Anze the doxiepin loves his Mommy.  Anze is the happiest doxiepin when his mommy picks him up and holds him and cradles him.  Anze could be held and hugged by his mommy forever.  He loves when his mommy sings to him and dances around with him in her arms.  Anze loves to give his mommy kisses and gets excited to see her when she comes home.  Anze is definitely a cuddle bug and a mommy's boy.  

Anze The Doxiepin Loves His Daddy

Anze the doxiepine loves his daddy.  His favorite thing he loves to do is to sit and watch TV with his dad.  He also likes to go on car rides with dad.  He gets very excited to see his dad every day when he comes home for lunch.  Anze knows when he is being bad, because his dad just has to give him "the look" or warn him once, and he stops the unacceptable behavior.  Anze loves to play fetch with dad and follow him around.  Anze loves his dad so much!