Saturday, September 29, 2012

Doxiepin Dog Plays in the Mud

Anze the doxiepin was having fun playing in the mud. This was Anze's first time playing in the mud.  Anze's Mommy wanted grass in the front patio for Anze to play in.  So Anze's Mommy had Anze's Daddy plant nice green grass for Anze.  Anze decided that he wanted to help in digging holes in the mud, where the grass was going to be planted. 

This little doxiepin dog was getting down and dirty in the mud.  He liked splashing in the mud puddles and running around in the wet dirt.  Anze was having the time of his life! 

*Dig - Dig - Digger - Dig - Dig - Diggerton - Dig - Dig Dog!* 

Fun in the mud! Diiiiiiiirrrrrrrty Dog! 

Anze liked trying to eat the muddy rocks, which his Mommy had to go and take out of his mouth.  Anze was such a good little digging buddy and was so good at finding every muddy rock in the planter.  Mommy definitely had a busy time getting all the muddy rocks out of Anze's mouth.

Anze is helping Daddy! Look at this dirty boy! 

Doxiepin muddy mustache!

Watch Anze mud-whompin' through the mud!



Nice job Daddy! Anze and Mommy are so happy! 

Anze loves his green grass!

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