Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anze the Doxiepin Loves His Showers

Anze the doxiepin loves his showers.  When Anze's parents first adopted him they tried giving him baths for the first few times.  Anze made splish-splashing messes everywhere and didn't like taking baths.  Then Daddy tried cleaning him in the shower.  Anze likes taking showers.  He is such a good boy and is so cooperative.  Anze likes to try to lick the rain drops that are falling on his head in the shower.  He also likes to press his nose against the shower glass.

He always knows when its time to get clean, because his parents always said "Anze time for a bath!"  So even when Anze now takes showers, Anze's parents still say "Anze time for a bath!" and he knows the drill.

Anze's Mommy waits for him to get done with his shower and then dries him off with his big towel.  Anze likes to be held (like a baby) when being dried off.  Once he is all dry, Mommy puts him on the floor and he likes to run around and jump around.  He likes to sprint throughout the house trying to regain his "doggy scent" back. Anze always smells so good and his doxiepin fur coat is always so soft and shiny.  Anze uses Magic Coat 2 in 1 (shampoo plus conditioner) by Four Paws.

Anze keeps his shampoo/conditioner right next to his Daddy's shampoo in the shower.  
Anze loves taking his showers.


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