Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doxiepin Graduates Intermediate Dog Training

Anze the doxiepin graduates intermediate dog training.  Anze completed and proudfully graduated from  Petsmart's intermediate dog training.  This is a little late posting, but Anze's Mommy just found his graduation pictures.  This class was a bit distracting for Anze as he graduated puppy obedience training in November 2012 and was then enrolled into the intermediate class (recommended by his trainer Heather - she's the best!).  However, Anze was nervous about being around bigger dogs, (especially since he was attacked by a german shepard when he was on a walk with his Mommy and Daddy) and there were a lot of bigger dogs in his intermediate class.  It was a different environment than what he was comfortable in with his puppy class.

Anze graduated his intermediate class in February 2013.  Although he seemed to be distracted, it really helped him get over his fears of bigger dogs and helped his socializing skills.

Here are some pictures of this little doxiepin's graduation from his intermediate dog training course:




Anze is one smart happy little doxiepin dog!  Thank you Heather for the best training ever!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Doxador Dressed Up In Burberry

Here is Abby the doxador dressed up in Burberry.  This little doxador dog dressed up in her Mommy's Burberry scarf and Burberry jacket. Abby's Mommy thought she looked so cute all bundled up while getting her dog hair all over.  Abby's Mommy thinks she looks so cute and the colors look so good on her, Abby may be getting her very own Burberry dog outfit in the near future.  This little doxador puppy is s smart fashionable pup!

Dog Suit Coat Tails

Check out Anze's new dog suit coat tails.  This little doxiepin looks so sharp in his new dog suit coat tails.  Anze is wearing a size medium and the dog suit has velcro straps around his neck and mid stomach.  The black buttons on the gray dog suit coat tails are just for looks and design.  Anze the doxiepin looked so handsome and formal.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Black and White Dog Scarf

Abby the doxador got a new black and white dog scarf.  The new black and white dog scarf had a floral print with a pink flower bow in the front middle.  This little doxador dog looks so cute and fashionable, yet doesn't always like to dress up like her brother.  This new black and white dog scarf is a size small and bought from Petco.  Abby also isn't as photogenic and does not pose like her brother Anze.  Abby's black and white dog scarf was so cute and is perfect to bring in the spring season.  Her new scarf looks good against her black dark coat. The pink flower bow is pink just like her collar.


Abby and Anze's Mommy feels a little bad because she hasn't posted much of Abby and it's all about Anze (even though this is Anze the doxiepin's website).  I guess it's true, its a lot of work having two children (aka furbabies, including dogs) and the second child (Abby) sometimes doesn't get as much effort as the first (Anze).  As we've been getting a lot of requests for pictures of Abby, Abby and Anze's Mommy will be sure to start posting more of the little doxiepin and doxador pair.

Cocoa The Doxiepin

Cocoa the doxiepin is one of Anze and Abby's new friends.  Cocoa is a female doxiepin and is 5 months old.  Cocoa is so cute and has a dark face.  She is still developing her personality.  This little doxiepin dog LOVES to eat, sleep and play with her toys.  Cocoa also like to chew on her bones and get into mischief and trouble.  Cocoa the doxiepin is a huge lover and likes to cuddle a lot. Her parents have said that she has already been classified as an escape artist from her crate many times. - Which is funny because Anze is a huge lover and loves to cuddle.  He has separation anxiety issues and would not crate train, however, he is an escape artist from his harness and that is why we have had to buy him a Rogz harness so he can't escape.

Cocoa is so cute with little floppy ears and dark features. She is a beautiful doxiepin dog.

Gemma The Doxiepin

Anze and Abby are so happy to have a new friend Gemma the doxiepin.  Gemma the doxiepin is still a baby puppy.  Gemma is only six weeks old and is a girl.  She is so adorable!  Her mommy Rose is a miniature pinscher and her daddy Rex is a dachshund ("doxie").  Her human parents say that this little doxiepin is the best and worst of both of her parents and love her to death.  Gemma the doxiepin has been a great new addition to her family of now four.  Here is a picture of Gemma.

We are so happy Gemma shared her picture with us. Her floppy ears, brown eyes and little button nose melt our hearts!! We can't wait to see more of Gemma!