Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Favorite Red Kong Ball Dog Toy

Anze loves his favorite red kong ball dog toy.  His Mommy wasn't sure if the little doxiepin would like the red kong ball dog toy, but it turned out to be his absolute favorite.  He goes crazy over it, especially when his Mommy puts dog treats inside of it.  

Sometimes Anze's Mommy will put peanut butter in the top of the red kong ball, making it a challenge for him to get the peanut butter out of the dog toy.

This favorite red kong ball dog toy can be bought at multiple pet stores.  
Anze's Mommy bought Anze's kong ball off of  

Anze looks like he's wearing a red kong clown nose! 

UCLA Dog Scarf

Anze's Mommy made a UCLA dog scarf for Alec.  Alec is a huge UCLA sports fan and Anze's Mommy made him a UCLA dog scarf for a Christmas present.  Anze's Mommy used the measurements of Anze and Abby's neck line to measure the neckline for Alec.  Since Alec is a pug, she needed to make it a little bit bigger than Anze (the doxiepin) and Abby (the doxador) neck lines.  Anze and Abby were so excited to give the UCLA dog scarf to Alec and wanted to model it and try it on to see if it fit.  The UCLA dog scarf had bright blue and yellow school spirit colors and looked so good on Alec.


                           Alec looked so handsome in his UCLA dog scarf. 
               Anze and Abby hope it keeps him warm over the winter season. 


If you or someone you know would like to order a UCLA dog scarf for your dog, please feel free to contact Anze's Mommy at: for more details.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buddy the Doxiepin

Anze the doxiepin has a new friend named Buddy the doxiepin.  Buddy the doxiepin dog looks like Anze and has the cutest floppy ears! He even has toys in the background of his picture. Buddy is a male doxiepin dog and is one year old.  Buddy is so cute and loves to snuggle.  He barks at anyone walking past his house because he wants the attention.  Buddy the doxiepin thinks very highly of himself and loves to follow his Mommy absolutely everywhere.  He is a good nurse and even looks after his Mommy when she is sick.  Buddy the doxiepin sleeps in between his Mommy and Daddy every night.  He is such a beautiful boy who will do anything for food.  Buddy is very smart and is great at tricks.  His Mommy says he's the fastest dog anyone has seen at the dog park, like a little greyhound.

Buddy's Mommy and Daddy love him so much! 
They don't know what they'd do without him!  

Anze does EXACTLY everything that Buddy does.  All the activities and things that Buddy are the same of what Anze does.  Anze's Mommy thinks him and Buddy would be the bestest of friends if they ever got the chance to meet and play together.

Klowie Dawn The Doxiepin

Anze made a new friend Klowie Dawn who is a doxiepin dog.  Klowie Dawn is a beautiful 5 year old girl doxiepin dog.  Klowie is a schizophrenic nut who barks at her own shadow.  Klowie is loved by her owner and her loving owner feels that she would be lost without Klowie, who is her mini furry angel.  Klowie the doxiepin dog is very important to her own and saved her owner more than her owner saving her.  She wouldn't trade her for the world.  Klowie has an unhealthy obsession with marshmellows and Sponge Bob, and like all dachshunds, loves t be under a pile of blankets all year round.

Anze loves Klowie!! 

Tennis Balls For Dogs

Daddy Santa surprised Anze and Abby with tennis balls for dogs.  These little dogs have a major love obsession for tennis balls.  They were so happy that Santa brought them a bin of 48 tennis balls for Christmas. Here are some pictures of the little doxador and doxiepin dogs with their new tennis balls.





Here is Abby doing a trick with her new tennis balls.  She is such a smart girl at such a young age.

Here is another trick of her doing "high jumps" in excitement for her tennis balls.