Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yoghund Dog Frozen Yogurt

Anze was so excited to try Yoghund dog frozen yogurt.  Yoghund dog frozen yogurt is real frozen yogurt made out of apple and cheddar for a cold dog treat. Yoghund dog frozen yogurt is an all-natural dog treat that you can feed to your dog daily. Anze's Mommy found Yoghund dog frozen yogurt when she was out shopping for potty pads for Anze.  Anze's Mommy loves frozen yogurt so much, and she was so excited when she found a frozen yogurt for dogs!

Anze is patiently waiting for his Mommy to open his frozen yogurt.  
Anze got his Yoghund dog frozen yogurt as his dessert after he ate all of his dinner. 

*Yoghund Real Frozen Yogurt, all-natural daily treat for dogs*
This is the top of the frozen yogurt lid which says "Crazy-delish treat for dogs."
Oh so cute! 

*Crazy-delish treat for dogs*
This is the Yoghund frozen yogurt guaranteed analysis, calorie content and ingredients are on the back of the frozen yogurt cup. 

The guaranteed analysis states that crude protein is not less than 3.0%, crude fat is not less than 1.5%, crude fat is not more than 2.0%, crude fiber is not more than 1.0% and moisture is not more than 85.0%.  

The calorie content is calculated ME 588 kcal/kg = (51 calories per cup).

The ingredients include: nonfat yogurt, water, apple juice concentrate, inulin, cheddar cheese (milk, salt, cultures, enzymes), guar gum, gum arabic and active cultures. 

*Yoghund Ingredients, Calorie Content & Guaranteed Analysis*
This little doxiepin dog can't wait to try Yoghund real frozen yogurt for dogs! 
He is so excited to try the apple cheddar flavor. 

*Yoghund Apple & Cheddar*
Anze says: "Mommy please open my Yoghund dog frozen yogurt.."

Finally! Nice cold dog frozen yogurt dessert treat.

Lick, lick lick, lick...

Yummy, yum, yum, yum!

Anze can't get enough! It's so good! He is so happy! He loves Yoghund dog frozen yogurt. 

This was an up close and in camera shot of Anze eating his fro yo! 

He's so cute! His Daddy broke up the frozen yogurt into chunks so it would be better to eat rather than lick.

You can watch Anze eating his Yoghund dog frozen yogurt. 
He enjoyed it so much! 
He is going to start looking forward to his fro-yo nights! 
This is one happy little doxiepin dog! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Just A Lick of Mochi

Anze the doxiepin dog wants just a lick of mochi.  He likes to beg his Mommy for just a lick of mochi. Last week his Mommy gave him a lick of strawberry mochi.  Anze kept licking his lips after he had a lick.

Mochi is an ice cream bon bon that is a yummy dessert.  It is typically served in sushi and Asian restaurants.

This week his Mommy let him have a lick of green tea mochi. 
Anze gets just a lick of mochi, but one lick is just enough. 

Anze wanted to pick the next next lick of mochi he would get for next week.  Anze's Mommy suggested they have one that he hasn't tried yet.

Anze's such a smart doxiepin dog. He picked the mochi sherbet mango, which is one flavor of mochi he hasn't gotten a lick of yet. Anze is going to be on his best behavior until he gets a lick of mango mochi.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This Is How I Sleep

How do you sleep? Anze says: This is how I sleep. Watch me as I sleep. This is the position of how I love to sleep. I love to sleep lying on my back with my paws up in the air. If I'm not sleeping on my back, you can find my sleeping under the covers. I love to sleep under the covers and snuggle and get warm.  

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep with my paws up in the air, laying on my back, with my favorite Kong toy next to me, on my favorite comfy blanket.

*This is how I sleep*
This is how I sleep on my back, with two paws up, tucked in the covers while my Mommy and Daddy watch a movie.

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep being in a twisted "S" shape under the covers with my Mommy.

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep when I am chasing squirrels in my dreams, all four paws up, on my back, with my ears flopped back, running after the squirrels.

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep being in a very long laid out position (that's the dachshund in me), running in my sleep, with subtle barks and one eye open.  

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep with one paw in front of my face trying to shield the paparazzi from sneak attack pictures.

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep underneath the covers in bed, curled up in a "C" shape, snuggling with my Mommy.

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep when I come back from the dog park, exhausted, legs wide open spread eagle, and not even laying on one of my many blankets.

*This is how I sleep*

 This is how I sleep squished in between the couch and my Daddy.  I like to sink in and get stuck.

*This is how I sleep*

This is how I sleep stretched out smiling in my sleep. This is how I sleep being a cute little doxiepin dog.

*This is how I sleep*
 This is how I sleep with my Daddy after he has had a long day at work. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Growing Into His Los Angeles Dodger Dog Jersey

Anze is finally growing into his Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey.  Anze's Mommy bought him a Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey when he was a puppy and he is finally growing into it where it now fits him. She went on her lunch break to go get him some treats at Petco next door from her work and she saw the cutest Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey.  She got him a size small and it has Velcro up the front middle.


Anze was just a little puppy when she got the LA Dodger jersey, so it didn't fit him properly.  
It was way too big on him but she figured that he would grow into it. 

Sitting on his toys wearing an oversized Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey. 

Anze waiting for his Mommy to pick him up. 

This is Anze's "fall-off-the-shoulder" pose. 

This fits more like a dress than it does a baseball jersey. 

You can't even see Anze's body. 


This is Anze now being able to fit into his Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey.  
Anze is a growing doxiepin dog and finally fits into his jersey. 

This Los Angeles Dodger dog baseball jersey "fits like a glove."

Anze likes wearing clothes and especially loves wearing his Dodger dog jersey. 

Since Anze is part dachshund, sometimes it is hard to find clothes that will fit his long body.  
Here is Anze's updated "off-the-shoulder" pose. 

*"Let's Go Dodgers, Let's Go!"*

Anze is so excited that his was finally able to grow into his Los Angeles Dodger dog baseball jersey. 

Dog Has The Best Seat In The House

Anze the doxiepin dog has the best seat in the house.  The best seat in the house is in the middle of the couch where you can always find the dog.  Anze's favorite spot just happens to be the best seat on the couch. He likes to have his pillow bed in the corner of the sectional couch and two of his blankets in the middle of the couch. He likes one of the blankets to be a cushion and the other one he likes to snuggle in. Anze always likes to have a few toys near his seat on the couch.

*If you want the best seat in the house... you'll have to move the dog*

This little doxiepin has the best seat in the house. He loves watching TV and movies with his Mommy and Daddy.  Anze likes the wooden sign above that states "If you want the best seat in the house... you'll have to move the dog," because it is so true.  Anze is such a spoiled dog. He gets to lay comfortable where ever he would like while his Mommy and Daddy have to sit around him and his pillow bed and toys. Whatever Anze wants, Anze gets.

Anze in his favorite spot which is the best seat in the house.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mornings Are Ruff, I Wish The Dog Had A Snooze Button

Anze's Mommy got a new coffee mug that says "Mornings are ruff, I wish the dog had a snooze button."  On one side of the mug it says "Mornings are ruff" and on the other side it says "I wish the dog had a snooze button." This hand painted coffee mug was bought at the the Simi Valley Missing Pets Adoption booth at the Chili Cook Off.  Anze's parents really admire and support the Simi Valley Missing Pet group and are glad they were able to make a donation and contribute to their wonderful services.

*Mornings are ruff... I wish the dog had a snooze button*

Anze's Mommy loves her coffee mug so much and thinks that the message holds some truth... well especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Anze's Mommy likes to drink chai tea and Starbucks coffee in her dog coffee mug.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starbucks is Dog Friendly

Anze was so happy to go to Starbucks which is a dog friendly place.  As a dog friendly place, Starbucks provides nice cold water in a cup or bowl for their customer's dogs for no charge.  Anze likes to go on walks to the park when the weather is nice and stop at Starbucks on the way home.

Here is a pic of Anze and his Daddy talking a break in the nice shade on a warm sunny day.

Anze is posing like an airplane while his Mommy takes his picture.  
Anze loves to pose in "airplane mode."

The Starbucks barista personally came outside to bring Anze his bowl of water and give him a nice pat on the head.  She also brought Anze's Mommy her drink iced Starbucks Refresher Very Berry Hibiscus.  It was so good and had real fresh blackberries in it.  

Anze loves Starbucks water! Yummy! 

Anze drank so much and has a full belly of water for the walk home. 

This water is so ice cold and so refreshing. This little doxiepin is one happy dog. 

Anze is one happy boy! 

Thank you Starbucks for being super dog friendly! 

Happy Dog Loves to Smile

Anze is a happy dog that loves to smile.  His Mommy loves his smile and likes to take pictures of the happy dog every chance she gets. Anze is such a happy dog when he gets to play outside, lay in the sun and spend time with his Mommy.  Here are some photos of Anze and his Mommy as the were laying in the sun after playing outside all afternoon.

Anze is always such a happy dog.  He is such a good boy and always so well behaved. 

Yay! Anze looked directly at the camera.  This little doxiepin can be so stubborn when posing for pictures and purposely not looking at the camera. 

Here is a picture of Anze and his Mommy looking outside their bedroom window watching the golfers pass by. 

Here is the little doxiepin being a happy dog.  
As you can see, Anze loves to smile and looks so adorable in this picture!