Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mornings Are Ruff, I Wish The Dog Had A Snooze Button

Anze's Mommy got a new coffee mug that says "Mornings are ruff, I wish the dog had a snooze button."  On one side of the mug it says "Mornings are ruff" and on the other side it says "I wish the dog had a snooze button." This hand painted coffee mug was bought at the the Simi Valley Missing Pets Adoption booth at the Chili Cook Off.  Anze's parents really admire and support the Simi Valley Missing Pet group and are glad they were able to make a donation and contribute to their wonderful services.

*Mornings are ruff... I wish the dog had a snooze button*

Anze's Mommy loves her coffee mug so much and thinks that the message holds some truth... well especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Anze's Mommy likes to drink chai tea and Starbucks coffee in her dog coffee mug.

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