Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bingo the Doxiepin

Bingo the doxiepin is a very lucky dog! He is one years old and was rescued from a local shelter by a loving and caring family.  This little doxiepin was admitted into the local shelter as a stray, even though he was wearing a harness.  Bingo was at the shelter for a month before he was adopted by his wonderful new family.  His family is so surprised that no one came to pick him up or adopted him!  It was fate and meant to be!  Bingo is such a good doxiepin.  He is so sweet and loving and loves to cuddle.

Today is his second day with his new family and he is finally getting adjusted.  He was very shy at first but is starting to warm up.  His family thinks this little doxiepin is going to be a curious little guy.  He is a smart doxiepin too! His family is so happy they have a new addition to their family.

Here is a picture of Bingo the doxiepin and Griff.  
They look so happy together! 
They are going to be best friends forever! 

Congrats to Bingo for finding such a great family!  Anze loves to share all his fellow doxiepin dog friends adventures and experiences.

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