Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doxiepin Dog Logo

Anze and his Mommy absolutely love his new doxiepin dog logo.  This doxiepin dog logo was handmade by a friend of Anze's Mommy named Hunter.  Hunter did an amazing job on the doxiepin logo. This logo represents a doxiepin as the body of the logo is long like a "doxie" or dachshund and has the colors of a miniature pinscher aka "min pin".  The blue collar signifies that this doxiepin dog is a boy like Anze.

Thanks Hunter!! 
This little doxiepin dog is super happy! 
Anze gives you 5 BARKS APPROVED!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doxiepin Dog Celebrates Father's Day

Today was the first time Anze the doxiepin dog celebrates Father's Day.  Anze and his Daddy were so happy they got to celebrate their first Father's Day together. Anze loves his Daddy so much.  Anze was so happy to celebrate Father's Day, he started the day off by actually letting his Daddy sleep in and not wake him up (after his Daddy had a late night at a party the night before). 

When it was finally time to wake up, Anze surprised his Daddy with his Father's Day gifts.  To celebrate Father's Day, Anze got his Daddy a new flavor of his favorite Moonshine Ole Smokey Peach.  He also got him a cowboy boot shot glass and a really nice Father's day card.  

Anze loves his Daddy more than anything. 
He had such a great day, all day, celebrating Father's Day with him.  
This little doxiepin would like to relay this message to his Daddy:  


Anze the doxiepin dog

Wood Iphone 5 Dog Paw Print Case

Anze's Mommy got a new wood Iphone 5 dog paw print case. She bought her new wood dog paw print Iphone 5 case from Amazon.  The company who makes these wood dog paw print case is Boho Cases.  There were so many wood Iphone cases to choose from, but when Anze's Mommy saw the dog paw print case, she fell in love and knew it was the perfect one!

Anze the doxiepin dog loves Mommy's new wood Iphone case.  The dog paw prints remind him of taking walks by the golf course with his Mommy.

Thank you Boho Cases for making such an awesome dog paw print wood Iphone 5 case! 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Doxiepins Are Love

Doxiepins are love bugs.  Anze the doxiepin loves to be a cuddle bug and is such a sweet and sensitive boy.  This little doxiepin loves his Mommy so much.  He loves to pose in pictures with his Mommy and give her love and kisses.  Doxiepins have the cutest floppy ears.  Anze's Mommy loves his floppy ears and loving personality.  Anze is a little sweet prince!

Love this little doxiepin dog so so so so much!
Words cannot express the amount of love Anze's Mommy has for him! 


Doxiepin Puppy Teeth

The pictures and video posted below are Anze's doxiepin puppy teeth.  These photos of the little doxiepin's puppy teeth were taken when Anze was about 5 or 6 months old.  Anze's Daddy is very conscientious of this little doxiepin's oral hygiene.  Therefore he is always checking to make sure that his teeth are fully taken care of.  Anze has two different kinds of tooth brushes made by Nylabone and doggy toothpaste made by Nylyabone.

Anze's puppy teeth! You can see that his baby tooth was still there where he was 5-6 months old.  His adult tooth had already started to grow in.  The puppy tooth was very loose and ready to come out. His other puppy teeth were wiggly and ready to come out as well. Anze's parents were always monitoring his puppy teeth, to make sure he didn't swallow a tooth (as his Mommy had read other puppies have done), and did get an infection. 

Here is a video of Anze's Daddy inspecting his puppy teeth.  His puppy teeth were becoming loose and you can see that she was able to wiggle them.  

This is the dental care package by Nylabone that Anze's parents bought him.  It includes the toothbrush, finger brush and toothpaste.  Anze doesn't mind the taste of the toothpaste, in fact, he almost enjoys it.  He definitely does not like getting his teeth brushed by the finger brush.  Anze prefers to brush his doxiepin teeth with his Nylabone toothbrush. Anze brushes his teeth often to make sure he takes care of his oral doggy hygiene.

Anze's parents also give him Dentastix.  It's a double benefit win-win for Anze.  He gets a Dentastix as a treat while it also takes care of his daily oral care.   

A few weeks after Anze's Daddy made his video showing Anze's loose puppy teeth, his back puppy teeth fell out.  Anze's Mommy found it on the couch.  She was so relieved to know that Anze didn't swallow it!  That's one for the puppy "baby" book! 

Doxiepin Dog Likes The Eldredge Tie Knot

Anze the doxiepin dog likes the Eldredge Tie Knot.  Anze was being a good doxiepin dog while he watched his Mommy attempt to tie an Eldredge Tie Knot on his Daddy with one of his Daddy's tie.  Anze liked watching how to make an Eldredge Tie Knot.  Anze's Daddy didn't mind considering he was too focused on watching the hockey game.

Here are the instructions on how to make the perfect Eldredge Tie Knot.  Anze's Mommy followed the instructions very carefully.

Anze and his Mommy couldn't find a solid color tie, so they used one of his Daddy's striped ties.

First attempt at the Eldredge Tie Knot...

Just finished on the first try! 

This little doxiepin dog approves!  He likes the Eldredge Tie Knot. 

Ta-da! The Eldredge Tie Knot was a success!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Almost Had A Doxiepin Dog Sister

Anze almost had a doxiepin dog sister.  Anze's parents almost got him a sister doxiepin dog.  They had received feedback from other dog owners stating if you own two dogs they will be companions for each other.  Owning two dogs is a lot more work and is double the parenting skills, time and effort.  After much consideration and debate, Anze's Mommy and Daddy went to the Change of Heart Rescue Shelter (where they rescued Anze) and found this little doxiepin girl.  A doxiepin dog is half dachshund and half minature pinscher.

Here is a picture of the little girl doxiepin Cupid that was 8 weeks old.  Anze's parents already chose the name "Abby" for her.

This is a picture of when Anze was Cupid's age and was at the Change of Heart Rescue Shelter waiting to be adopted. 

Here is a picture of Anze's Daddy holding the little girl doxiepin dog.  She was all tan color and had the same floppy ears like Anze has. 

She was very scared and all she wanted to do was be held by Anze's Daddy and Mommy. 

Anze's Mommy thought she was so sweet.  She had a little white marking on her forehead and chest.  This little girl doxiepin had white nails, unlike Anze's who has black nails. 

Anze's parents brought the little girl doxiepin home to meet Anze.  This was only a meet and greet to see how Anze would react with the little girl as his sister.  If she did not interact with Anze very well she already had two families waiting in line to adopt her.   

Anze was very excited to see a new little girl doxiepin at first.  Anze's parents thought things may work out and Anze would almost have a doxiepin dog sister. 

He sniffed her and became overbearing and overwhelming on her.  He would not leave her alone.

This little girl was so scared of Anze because he was double her size and he was being too aggressive with her.   

She would try to hide and bury herself in Anze's Daddy's lap.  

She would start whimpering and crying and Anze took that as a sign of weakness.

He got aggressive and started barking at her and nipping at her when she would cry.  This only made her cry even more.  

Anze may have also gotten aggressive with her as a new little doxiepin dog was entering his home and was on his territory and hiding on his Daddy.

Anze may have gotten jealous and felt the need to become possessive and protective of his environment. 

Anze was not liking another little doxiepin dog in his home.  

Anze loves to play and loves to have friends, but is not ready at this time to have a little doxiepin dog sister.  

Anze's Mommy and Daddy called the rescue shelter and told them that it was not going to work out.  The rescue shelter called the other families who were anxiously and eagerly waiting for Anze's Mommy and Daddy to return the little doxiepin girl dog so they could adopt her and take her home. 

Right now Anze will be the only child.. the very "spoiled" only child.