Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doxiepin Dog Celebrates Father's Day

Today was the first time Anze the doxiepin dog celebrates Father's Day.  Anze and his Daddy were so happy they got to celebrate their first Father's Day together. Anze loves his Daddy so much.  Anze was so happy to celebrate Father's Day, he started the day off by actually letting his Daddy sleep in and not wake him up (after his Daddy had a late night at a party the night before). 

When it was finally time to wake up, Anze surprised his Daddy with his Father's Day gifts.  To celebrate Father's Day, Anze got his Daddy a new flavor of his favorite Moonshine Ole Smokey Peach.  He also got him a cowboy boot shot glass and a really nice Father's day card.  

Anze loves his Daddy more than anything. 
He had such a great day, all day, celebrating Father's Day with him.  
This little doxiepin would like to relay this message to his Daddy:  


Anze the doxiepin dog

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