Thursday, November 29, 2012

Doxiepin Frog Dog Costume

Anze is wearing the funniest doxiepin frog dog costume.  This little doxiepin actually didn't mind wearing his frog dog costume.  It was very easy to put on as there were velcro straps against his chest and underneath his belly.  Anze wore the frog costume in a a dog size small.  Anze's Mommy got him the frog costume at Petsmart during Halloween season.

My cute little doxiepin frog dog! 

It wouldn't even matter if Anze's Mommy gave him a kiss, as he's already a little prince. 

Anze didn't even mind wearing the hooded part of the frog costume on his head! 

Haha! It looks like Anze has a frog riding him on his back. 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Doxiepin Dog Rules

Anze has made his own Doxiepin Dog Rules.  Anze's Mommy is guilty of breaking all of the following  Doxiepin Dog Rules:

Anze's Doxiepin Dog Rules have really introduced his Mommy to a lot of new values and made her open up to live out of her comfort zone.  Anze's Mommy has always loved little puppy dogs but has never owned one until she got Anze. Anze is her first and only. Anze has taught her how to be more patient and not to stress over the little things in life.  Anze has taught her that living with dog messes and dog hair isn't going to be the end of the world.  Anze has made her do things she never thought she would ever be doing like cleaning his potty pads, cleaning up his throw up when he eats something bad, taking him for walks (when she's too tired), letting him sleep under the covers in bed or laughing (not getting mad) at Anze when he carries her Tory Burch or Burberry shoes in his mouth (what!?! ~ big shocker!!) and putting Anze's needs before her own.   

Anze has reminded his Mommy to *Live*Laugh*Love* everyday to the fullest.  
Anze's Mommy looks forward to coming home everyday to see her little doxiepin.  
He is such a good boy and she couldn't love him any more than she already does.   

Doxiepin OMG LOL

This was the funniest doxiepin OMG LOL moment!  Anze's Mommy was getting ready to leave and this little doxiepin kept jumping up and down on her high-low skirt.  Anze's Mommy was getting frustrated because Anze was not listening to his Mommy to stop jumping on her.  Then Anze's Mommy received a funny text message from her friend which made her "OMG - LOL"!

This is especially funny because Anze's Mommy is Asian (Korean).

Such a funny doxiepin OMG LOL moment! 
Asians love doxiepin dogs! Ha!

Thanks B! ~ Too funny! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Anze's Favorites

Anze just added a new *FAVORITES* tab compiling links to all of his favorite stores, places, foods and things that he likes.  Click here to see all his favorite things..

Doxiepin's friend Yvette the Maltese

Anze the doxiepin has a friend Yvette who is a Maltese.  Yvette the Maltese has all white hair, unlike Anze the doxiepin who is black, tan and white hair.  Yvette's white hair is very soft and she floppy ears.  Yvette is a good girl and loves to spend time with her family.  She loves Keri and Emily!

Yvette is such a smart Maltese.  She knows how to brush her own teeth with a toothbrush.  She is a professional! She holds the toothbrush with her little white paws while she puts the head of the brush in her mouth.  

No cavities for this pup! The doggy dentist would be proud.

Yvette also likes to give lots and lots of kisses.  
This Maltese is such a lover dog.  

She loves to snuggle and cuddle up. 
She loves to give kisses and press her wet little nose while licking your face.   

Yvette likes spending time with her family and performing tricks for them.  
Yvette loves having her picture taken!  
Sometimes Yvette even likes to stand up like a human!

Yvette can also drink water out of a cup.  
She is a very crafty Maltese that has proper manners. 
She likes to drink water out of her cup and tries really hard not to make a mess. 

This little white Maltese also likes getting her tummy rubs and lay nicely in her pillow bed.  

Another thing Yvette the Maltese likes to do is lay out in the sun.  
She likes to soak up all her vitamin D rays! 

Yvette also likes to take naps and enjoys her sleepy time.  
Looks like someone just woke up and has bed head! 

Yvette loves Keri and Emily!  *xoxoxox*

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Doxiepin 2nd Dog Shaming

Anze the Doxiepin had his 2nd Dog Shaming. Anze has been such a good boy and Anze's Mommy was so surprised by his bad behavior.  Especially since Anze had just graduated from puppy obedience classes and has been on such good behavior, like he always is.  (*He was the All-Star top of his class)  He has never been a puppy that liked to chew things, even when he was teething he never chewed anything.. But apparently Anze's Mommy was wrong, as this doxiepin now has his 2nd dog shaming.  

It's been over a month since he had his 1st dog shaming.  You can click here to see his 1st dog shaming. 

Anze definitely did some chewing damage to Mommy's nice couch legs. 

Errrrr... not so nice anymore... 

Doxiepin Lazy Dog Day

Anze the doxiepin had a lazy dog day with his Mommy.  
It was just what they both needed! 

Wake up to the bright sunshine streaming in off the golf course.. 

Playing in bed with mommy..

Nap time again.. 

Whhhhat? Treat!?

Anze is such a good doxiepin!
And he loves having lazy dog days with his Mommy. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Doxiepin's First Thanksgiving

This was Anze the doxiepin's first Thanksgiving.  This was the first time this doxiepin was able to experience the smells of turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pies and many other tasty Thanksgiving foods.  He was so excited and happy to be apart of his family's Thanksgiving festivities. Anze went with his Mommy and Daddy to his Grandpa and Grandma's house.  

Hmmm.. looks like Daddy is hungry... 

Mommy helped Anze's Grandpa deep fry the turkey.  Anze was not allowed to go near or play next to the big pot of boiling oil with the turkey inside of it as it is extremely dangerous and could cause a big explosion and big fire.  Anze was a very good boy and listened to his Mommy. 

Mommy then showed Anze what the turkey looked like and let him smell it.. Then, after the turkey was cut, Mommy fed Anze a little piece of turkey.  He loved it and thought it was so yummy!  Anze's Mommy also snuck him a 'finger lick' of sweet potato.  Anze loves Thanksgiving! 


Anze is wearing his festive fall "Wide Retriever #00" football shirt.  Even though this little doxiepin didn't watch football on Thanksgiving, he still work his shirt as he thought it would be appropriate for the holiday.  Anze liked lounging in his shirt. 

The little doxiepin tired and full after a nice Thanksgiving with the family! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anze, Lola and Alec Eating Halloween Pupcakes

Here are videos of Anze, Lola and Alec eating Halloween pupcakes.  Anze wanted to share some of his Halloween pupcakes with his friends Lola and Alec.  Anze (the doxiepin), Lola (the specialized blend) and Alec (the pug) loved eating the Halloween pupcakes!









Monday, November 12, 2012

Night Time Walk With Doxiepin Dog

Mommy took a night time walk with Anze the doxiepin dog. As the sun sets earlier, night time comes faster and its dark when Mommy gets home to take Anze out for a walk.  This little doxiepin dog loves going on walks. He likes to get his daily exercise in.  Although, as it is getting colder and turning into winter, Anze needs to get some warm clothing and outfits. Anze likes to walk in his Wood Ranch community.  He likes how pretty and nice everything is always so calm and quiet. When Mommy and Anze go on night time walks they see other dogs, runners, walkers, cars, children, etc. Mommy and Anze spend quality time on their night time walks.