Sunday, November 4, 2012

3rd Obedience Class 10/9/12

Anze the doxiepin had his 3rd obedience class on 10/9/12.  Anze went on a short walk before his obedience class. This was the beautiful sunset sky showing us that Fall is right around the corner. Anze learned the commands of DOWN, TAKE IT and LEAVE it at his 3rd obedience class.  

Anze was so excited to see his teacher.  He loves trying to get her attention and impress her with how well he follows instructions. 

Sometimes Anze gets sad when his teacher pays attention to someone else. But he has to learn that although he is the "only child" and gets all the attention from his Mommy and Daddy, sometimes he has to learn to share, share the attention with someone else. 

Doxiepins are very smart dogs and are able to learn many commands and tricks.  However, Anze did not want to learn "DOWN".  He would not lie down.  Mommy thought it was maybe because the floor was too cold. Anze's teacher explained that you can teach him this action by trying to lure him with a treat while making him go under your leg.  Anze would only get about halfway through and then he  would get scared and start backing out.  He was so scared.  --Although, once Anze came home and practiced "DOWN" he was very good at it.  Anze also learned and now loves going under things (especially the bed covers).. 

Anze also learned two other commands which he did very well in. He learned "LEAVE IT" and "TAKE IT"

Anze has now had his 3rd obedience class and is halfway through his puppy training obedience classes.

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