Thursday, November 29, 2012

Doxiepin Frog Dog Costume

Anze is wearing the funniest doxiepin frog dog costume.  This little doxiepin actually didn't mind wearing his frog dog costume.  It was very easy to put on as there were velcro straps against his chest and underneath his belly.  Anze wore the frog costume in a a dog size small.  Anze's Mommy got him the frog costume at Petsmart during Halloween season.

My cute little doxiepin frog dog! 

It wouldn't even matter if Anze's Mommy gave him a kiss, as he's already a little prince. 

Anze didn't even mind wearing the hooded part of the frog costume on his head! 

Haha! It looks like Anze has a frog riding him on his back. 


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