Monday, November 26, 2012

Doxiepin Dog Rules

Anze has made his own Doxiepin Dog Rules.  Anze's Mommy is guilty of breaking all of the following  Doxiepin Dog Rules:

Anze's Doxiepin Dog Rules have really introduced his Mommy to a lot of new values and made her open up to live out of her comfort zone.  Anze's Mommy has always loved little puppy dogs but has never owned one until she got Anze. Anze is her first and only. Anze has taught her how to be more patient and not to stress over the little things in life.  Anze has taught her that living with dog messes and dog hair isn't going to be the end of the world.  Anze has made her do things she never thought she would ever be doing like cleaning his potty pads, cleaning up his throw up when he eats something bad, taking him for walks (when she's too tired), letting him sleep under the covers in bed or laughing (not getting mad) at Anze when he carries her Tory Burch or Burberry shoes in his mouth (what!?! ~ big shocker!!) and putting Anze's needs before her own.   

Anze has reminded his Mommy to *Live*Laugh*Love* everyday to the fullest.  
Anze's Mommy looks forward to coming home everyday to see her little doxiepin.  
He is such a good boy and she couldn't love him any more than she already does.   

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