Sunday, December 28, 2014

Clean Eating Dog Food

Anze and Abby were so excited to try their homemade clean eating dog food.  Their clean eating dog food consisted of boneless skinless chicken breast (plain), slices of carrots and chopped up pieces of green beans cooked in a pan on the stove.  Anze who is a doxiepin (dachshund & miniature pinscher mix) and Abby who is a patterdale terrier are trying to maintain their health and eat clean with no extra preservatives or empty carbohydrates and calories.  Some pet stores sell raw dog food or different types of organic live dog food, but Anze and Abby's parents like to keep their clean eating dog food simple.  It's food that even their parents would want to eat.  Stay tuned for more clean eating dog food recipes.  



While Anze and Abby were busy eating their clean dog food dinner, Anze's Mommy and Daddy were cooking their own clean eating food for themselves.  Anze's Mommy was so excited to get a garlic roaster for Christmas and wanted to try it out. The garlic came out AMAZING! It was like garlic spread that melted in your mouth! This was the best gift ever! Thank you to Anze and Abby's Grandma and Grandpa. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dog Money Holder

Who needs a wallet when you have a dog money holder? Anze makes a good dog money holder!  This was the perfect picture because Anze's Daddy was counting money when Anze came up and was reaching on his leg and wanted to get picked up.  When his Daddy picked him up he wanted to see what he was doing and he curled his feet upward.  Daddy thought it was funny that Anze looked like a dog money holder and put the money he was counting on Anze's feet.  Anze balanced the money on his feet so well, and for so long! I think Anze wasn't trying to be a dog money holder, but yet he wanted to keep the money for himself!! This little doxiepin dog makes such a cute dog money holder! Everyone should own one! (lol)

3rd Time Seeing Santa

This year, 2014, it was Anze's 3rd time seeing Santa and Abby's 2nd time seeing Santa. Anze was so excited as this was his 3rd time seeing Santa and he was ready to take his holiday photo. He was so excited and yipping while he was waiting in line.  Abby and and Anze had matching outfits again, however this year their Mommy got Abby a dress and Anze had the matching shirt. This Santa wasn't the best looking Santa (like the one they had from the year before), but he made it work.  As this was Anze's 3rd time seeing Santa, he seemed a little distracted and felt that he was "too cool" to pose and look directly at the camera. He was being such a little stinker and refused to cooperate.  Abby on the other hand was being such a good little girl, but she has the same facial expression ("deer in the headlights") and doesn't react or pose for pictures.  You won't see any head tilts or cute smiles from Abby.  At any rate, the annual holiday Santa photo was complete!  Abby and Anze wish all their friends and followers a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! Cheers to 2015!!

2nd Time Seeing Santa

Last year was Anze's 2nd time seeing Santa. It was a special time because not only was it Anze's 2nd time seeing Santa, but he got to see Santa with his sister Abby and it was Abby's 1st time seeing Santa. This Santa was the "real deal" for all the Santas out there. These two little dogs were so excited to see Santa. As this was Anze's 2nd time and Abby's 1st time seeing Santa, their Mommy decided to dress them up in matching scarves and bow ties.  Anze and Abby got their matching scarves and bow ties as holiday gifts from the "Min Pin Party" that they went to that weekend! It was a fun-filled weekend and Anze and Abby had so much fun.  Too bad Abby's black coat didn't turn out so well in the picture. You can barely see her face. But she is there.  This was the best holiday photo to send for their family Christmas cards. This little doxiepin dog and this little patterdale dog were so festive and have officially started a family tradition of the dogs seeing Santa.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Gray Dog Hoodie

Here is a picture of Anze in his gray dog hoodie.  Anze was so excited to wear his gray dog hoodie because it was made out of 100% cotton and was so soft and warm.  He was also excited because his Mommy was wearing a matching gray hoodie she got when she went to Oregon.  Anze and his Mommy were matching in gray hoodies.  Anze's Mommy bought this little gray dog hoodie online and it had a pocket near Anze's booty.  It was a size small and was a little too big on him (because he's a doxiepin), but Anze didn't mind. He knows that dog hoodies are meant to be loose and baggy.  Anze would definitely recommend any dog getting a gray dog hoodie for the fall/winter season!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Camo the Doxiepin

Camo the doxiepin is the cutest little doxiepin pup.  Camo is only 7 weeks old and is such a heart melter.  Right now Camo is very playful and he likes to sleep a lot.  This little doxiepin has started to find his voice.  He can be very vocal when he gets sad when his Mommy has to leave to go to work.
Anze used to be a little guy just like Camo and was too cute for words. Camo hasn't grown into his doxiepin snout yet and has tiny little floppy ears.  This is a cute picture of him outside getting some fresh air. Camo has the same facial markings like Anze when he was a baby.  Camo is such an adorable doxiepin pup!

Gio the Doxiepin

Gio the doxiepin is such handsome doxiepin dog.  Gio is 2.5 years old and he is the most loyal, loving dog that his owners could have ever been blessed with.  Gio the doxiepin dog is a very lucky dog as he gets to travel with his owners wherever they go on work trips and vacations.  Gio has been to Miami, San Diego, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Austin, Mexico and St. Thomas Virgin Islands.  This little doxiepin rarely barks and often gives kisses.  Gio's owners love the doxiepin breed and Anze's Mommy and Daddy couldn't agree more.  Anze is so envious of Gio as Gio gets to travel all over the world and see and smell all the new and exciting places with his owners. Here is a nice picture of Gio sunbathing on top of the table. Such a spoiled lucky dog!