Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tick Key Survival Tool For Hiking

Woo hoo! We got a Tick Key survival tool for hiking! Anze & Abby were so excited when they ordered and received the Tick Key survival tool for when they go hiking.  Ticks are really gross bugs (external parasites) that feed off the blood of animals (and even humans).  They live outdoors in the grass, brush, woods and trees and can jump onto dogs and bury their heads into a dog's skin.  This can be a concern, especially if you take your dogs hiking.  As Abby is a patterdale terrier dog and Anze is a doxiepin dog, they love to expend a lot of energy, and hiking is one of their favorite activities to do!  We always check them after our hikes to make sure that they did not catch any ticks or fleas.  The ticks can carry diseases, like lyme disease, and can cause serious injuries like swollen joints, fever, loss of appetite and neurological injuries.  

There are many ways and theories of how to remove a tick that is embedded in the skin/body.  However, if these potential solutions are not performed correctly, the tick could break off, or bury itself deeper, or possibly be worse off than it was before trying to be corrected. 

We looked online and found amazing reviews on Amazon about the Tick Key. The Tick Key was listed with the other survival tools for hiking and camping. They had different colors and can fit on a key chain. The Tick Key looked like it was painless, fast and effective! Abby got a pink one and Anze got a blue one! 


Thankfully we have not had to use the Tick Key yet, but if we ever do, we will definitely be prepared with our survival dog tool!  The Tick Key would have come in handy when we first rescued Abby from the shelter.  She was very sick with parvo virus, kennel cough, worms, fleas, TICKS and was on the verge of death. We had to take her to the vet and have all the ticks professionally removed as well as nurse her back to health.  Here is a picture of our view from one of our weekend hikes!

Abby and Anze would totally recommend every dog owning a Tick Key! 

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