Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting Better From Parvo Dog Virus

We were so happy when Abby was getting better from Parvo dog virus.  The odds were against Abby for getting better from the Parvo dog virus when we first rescued her.  She was so sick and underweight.  Abby was very dirty and was very weak.  She smelled bad too.  We were trying all our efforts into getting her better from the Parvo dog virus.  The Parvo dog virus is fully known as the Canine Parvovirus which is a very severe infection that can go viral that attacks cells by dividing them in their body.  This virus is highly contagious, and we made sure that Anze had all of his vaccines and immunizations before letting him go near Abby. As Abby lived in the Kern County Shelter with the other dogs, she was in a small area that was surrounded by other dogs feces (which is how the Parvo virus is spread). If dogs do not get the Parvo virus treated, or severe cases like Abby, there is a slim chance of survival and the mortality rate is extremely high. 

We first found out that Abby had the Parvo Dog virus because she showed every symptom.  She was laying on this white little dog bed that we bought her and she was so lethargic but she refused to drink water.  She was vomiting yellow liquid and had uncontrollable bloody diarrhea (with worms in it).  Thank goodness Abby's Aunt Brianne was there to help out, because Abby's Mommy was definitely concerned something was seriously wrong.  Abby wouldn't eat and wouldn't drink and was so weak.  She could barely lift her head and only wanted to stay in her crate. 

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We were so excited when we started noticing that Abby was getting better from the parvo dog virus! The vet told us in the beginning not to get too attached to Abby in case she didn't get better.  We knew we had to give her the most love and care either way.   Abby was such a fighter! She pulled through. She started lifting her head and playing with her toys. **Although once she started recovering from the Parvo virus and getting better, we threw those infected toys and the white bed away. We also sprayed the crate inside and out with Lysol and cleaned it out with bleach took it out to the garage and never used it again! 

Here is Abby starting to become active.. Although she isn't moving her entire body, she gained enough strength to shake her head back and forth and play with her little yellow plush raccoon toy!


We were very overprotective over Abby because we wanted to make sure that she didn't fall into a relapse. We also cleaned everything in the house and sanitized everything because the Parvo virus can live the contaminated area for up to 4-5 months on surface areas and even longer in carpet or threaded areas. We used bleach and warm water to disinfect. We are so proud to say that Abby got better from the parvo dog virus and is strong survivor!

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