Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Doxador Puppy Is Sick With Parvo

Anze's sister who's a doxador puppy is sick with Parvo.  The little black doxador puppy got sick with Parvo that she acquired when she was at Kern County Animal Shelter. Anze's Mommy and Daddy decided to name this little girl doxador puppy... Abby!  It was the perfect fit! And it went well with Anze's name.  *Anze and Abby*

Abby was the cutest little black doxador puppy, however when she first came home she was very dirty and was infested with ticks and fleas. Anze's parents had to keep her away from Anze.  Anze's parents then found out that the little doxador puppy was very sick with Parvo and tapeworms.  Anze's Mommy gave her some of Anze's Heartguard and Frontline plus medication. 

Abby was confined to stay only in the laundry room for a few weeks to trap the deadly virus in there and not expose it to the rest of the house or to Anze.

Poor little Abby didn't feel so well. There were certain signs that led Anze's parents to think she had Parvo and to take her to the vet.  For example, she was not eating, even though there were signs that she was hungry. She was very lethargic and had absolutely no energy. 

Abby's Mommy was so proud of this picture because little doxador was able to lift her head up this high.  Parvo can be a very deadly disease and needs to be treated immediately. Abby's parents never experienced this type of illness with Anze before, so they were very scared and wanted to make sure they took all the appropriate and necessary precautions in treating Abby and making sure Anze stayed safe. 

This was Abby's living quarters in the laundry room. Another sign of Parvo was that she didn't have bowel movements (aka poop), yet she pooped out yellow liquid. Anze's Mommy and Daddy had to cover the floor in potty pads, especially since the Parvo virus is transmitted through poop and urine and blood. 

If you have a sick puppy with Parvo, the vet recommended that you have to keep them hydrated. Therefore, it was recommended that we give Abby Pedialyte to drink as it has a lot of electrolytes and nutrients in the water that keep her hydrated, more than water.  The Pedialyte was a huge success. Abby would drink so much of it, which also meant double pee, and more frequently changing of potty pads.  

The Parvo will also make your dog not hungry to eat. So Abby's Mommy had to prepare special meals for her such as baby food mixed with baby rice cereal, rice with cooked chicken or ground beef, boiled chicken with 100% pure canned pumpkin, wet puppy food and anything that Abby liked, her Mommy would make it over again for her to try to eat the next day.  

As Abby the little doxador puppy was so sick with Parvo, the vet prescribed her two antibiotics as well as a Sub Q liquid IV drip bag.  Abby's parents couldn't administer the IV, so the Simi Valley Missing Pets & Rescue team gave Abby the injections. Here is a picture of one of the injections that Abby had to go through. She was so squirmy and had to be held by her Daddy through the whole process every day. 

Here are some pictures of Abby praying that she gets better after her Mommy gave her medication and antibiotics. 

Aside from the medication, Abby's parents also bought and gave her Parvaid as well.  It was highly recommended that we purchase this organic natural remedy.  Abby was so thankful that her parents got it for her.

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