Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anze Gets A Baby Sister

Anze gets a baby sister! Anze was so happy to learn that he was getting a baby sister and was going to be a big brother. Anze's Mommy was friends with someone who is a volunteer for Simi Valley Missing Pets & Rescue and was asked if she could foster a little doxador (half dachshund half labrador) dog.  Once she saw the pictures of the little black puppy on Facebook, she couldn't resist.

Here are pictures of Anze's new baby sister that were posted on Facebook the day that she was rescued by Simi Valley Missing Pets & Rescue. Anze's baby sister was rescued from Kern County Animal Shelter who was closing their doors and was euthanizing animals because they didn't have enough rescue families to adopt and foster.

Anze's baby sister was only two months old when she was rescued back on September 7, 2013.  
This was Anze's Mommy holding his baby sister for the first time when the rescue team had just arrived back home from Kern County Animal Shelter. 

Now to think of a name for Anze's baby sister... 
Anze and his Mommy had to wait for Anze's Daddy to come back from his weekend trip to think of a name for the new baby doxador puppy..   

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