Monday, July 21, 2014

Camo the Doxiepin

Camo the doxiepin is the cutest little doxiepin pup.  Camo is only 7 weeks old and is such a heart melter.  Right now Camo is very playful and he likes to sleep a lot.  This little doxiepin has started to find his voice.  He can be very vocal when he gets sad when his Mommy has to leave to go to work.
Anze used to be a little guy just like Camo and was too cute for words. Camo hasn't grown into his doxiepin snout yet and has tiny little floppy ears.  This is a cute picture of him outside getting some fresh air. Camo has the same facial markings like Anze when he was a baby.  Camo is such an adorable doxiepin pup!

Gio the Doxiepin

Gio the doxiepin is such handsome doxiepin dog.  Gio is 2.5 years old and he is the most loyal, loving dog that his owners could have ever been blessed with.  Gio the doxiepin dog is a very lucky dog as he gets to travel with his owners wherever they go on work trips and vacations.  Gio has been to Miami, San Diego, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Austin, Mexico and St. Thomas Virgin Islands.  This little doxiepin rarely barks and often gives kisses.  Gio's owners love the doxiepin breed and Anze's Mommy and Daddy couldn't agree more.  Anze is so envious of Gio as Gio gets to travel all over the world and see and smell all the new and exciting places with his owners. Here is a nice picture of Gio sunbathing on top of the table. Such a spoiled lucky dog!

Suede the Doxiepin

Suede the doxiepin is a beautiful 6 month old male dog.  He is a doxiepin which means that he is half dachshund and miniature pinscher mix.  Suede loves to give kisses and chew on all his Mommy's plants.  He is very loving and prefers to have company than to be left alone.  Suede is very timid if he is shouted at (for chewing Mommy's plants).  Suede is the best friend to his Mommy's 5 year old child and loves to play with his other siblings which are 3 cats and 2 tortoises.  He loves blankets and duvets.  Laying in them are like heaven.  Suede is playful, energetic and is the lead and in charge when they take walks.  Suede walks Mommy rather than Mommy walking Suede.  This little doxiepin is very determined and can be stubborn. Suede is also a fast learner as he learned how to jump on the couch for cuddles after being in his new home for only 3 weeks.  Suede the doxiepin is his Mommy's little baby and treasure.  Suede has the cutest black nose and pointed ears. He has very similar traits to Anze and the same personality traits. Anze and Suede would get along great!!