Monday, July 21, 2014

Gio the Doxiepin

Gio the doxiepin is such handsome doxiepin dog.  Gio is 2.5 years old and he is the most loyal, loving dog that his owners could have ever been blessed with.  Gio the doxiepin dog is a very lucky dog as he gets to travel with his owners wherever they go on work trips and vacations.  Gio has been to Miami, San Diego, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Austin, Mexico and St. Thomas Virgin Islands.  This little doxiepin rarely barks and often gives kisses.  Gio's owners love the doxiepin breed and Anze's Mommy and Daddy couldn't agree more.  Anze is so envious of Gio as Gio gets to travel all over the world and see and smell all the new and exciting places with his owners. Here is a nice picture of Gio sunbathing on top of the table. Such a spoiled lucky dog!

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