Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doxiepin Playing Fetch With Daddy

Anze the doxiepin dog was playing fetch with his Daddy.  One of Anze's favorite things to do is to play fetch with his Mommy and Daddy.  Doxiepins are very fun and playful.  They have a lot of energy like minpins but aren't as agressiveness and are more docile like daschund dogs.  Anze loves to play fetch and loves chasing after his toy balls.

Doxiepin's 2nd Obedience Class 10/2/12

Anze the doxiepin had his 2nd obedience class on 10/2/12.  Anze did really well at his 1st obedience class and was looking forward to his second obedience class. Anze is the only doxiepin dog in his class. He is a very good student and loves to follow instructions that the teacher gives.

Here are some pictures of Anze paying very close attention and listening to what his teacher was saying.

Halfway through his teacher's lecture Anze got distracted by his little friend Nala.

Anze may have a little puppy crush on Nala.  He always gets so excited to see her and loves to be around her in class. 

Time for Anze to practice what he learned.. 

Learning how to walk right beside his Daddy.. Anze learned how to heal and obey commands while walking on leash.

Now its Mommy's turn.  Here is Anze learning how to walk right beside his Mommy. 

Anze did such a good job!  He is such a good doxiepin dog.  Now Mommy feels comfortable taking Anze out on walks and jogs as he now knows how to obey commands and follow rules while being on a leash.

ACME Dynamite Doxiepin Dog Costume

This is Anze in his ACME dynamite doxiepin dog costume.  His Mommy bought him the ACME Dynamite dog costume for Halloween.  Anze wore a size small which was perfect for the little doxiepin's body.  It had two Velcro straps which Anze didn't mind wearing at all.   Anze liked running around the house and making it look like he had a rocket on his back.  

This was the cutest ACME dynamite doxiepin dog Halloween costume! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pupcake Recipe Made Easy Step by Step

Are you looking for a pupcake recipe made easy step by step?  Listed below is a very easy to make pupcake recipe with the instructions listed step by step.  Anze's Mommy made the special doxiepin dog Halloween pupcakes. Anze's Mommy found the perfect Halloween pupcake recipe online for her little doxipin dog!  (A pupcake is like a cupcake but it is made out of dog/puppy food and is specifically made for dogs/puppies).  Anze's Mommy felt that this was an easy recipe and wanted to see if Anze would like and approve of these tasty Halloween treats.  

The easy and amazing receipe is as follows: 

4 cups of blended dog food.. 

1 whole apple and/or 1 carrot (Anze's Mommy used 3 little mini apples and 1 carrot)


1 cup of wet dog food...

1 cup of 100% PURE pumpkin..

1/3 cup of canola oil..

The recipe called for 1 cup of peanut butter.. But Anze's Mommy only used 1 big scoop, as she thought 1 cup of peanut butter was a lot (and was trying to stray away from using as little "human food" as possible - the recipe also called for honey.. But Anze's Mommy read about sugar and how dogs digestive system have a harder time breaking down the enzymes and molecules, so she opted out on adding honey as well).. 

Combine all the ingredients together.. 

Time to fill the pupcake tray.. 

Anze's Mommy also filled the bone shape baking pan.. 

Time for Anze to lick the spoon and bowl clean.. 

In the oven! It's baking time! BAKE on 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.. 

Time to prepare the toppings..  (use the remaining PURE 100% pumpkin as "frosting" and crumble up doggy treats as "sprinkles".. 

Anze is patiently waiting in anticipation after the whole downstairs of the house smells like baked dog food.. 

{How much longer..!?!}

Ta-Da! Freshly baked out of the oven.. 

Taste Test.. 

Off the plate and onto the floor.. Everything taste better off the floor.. right!?

{It's all gone !?!}

Anze loves his Mommy so much!  He loved his Halloween pupcake!

Anze loved his first pupcake so much that he wanted a 2nd pupcake (but his Mommy gave him one with no sprinkles of doggy treats on top)..  -saving on the calories, since he is having two.. 

Anze wanted to share some of his Halloween pupcakes with his friends.. 

His friends are: Duke & Jolie, Alec and Lola.. 
(they also get their own special Halloween doggy treat bones).. 

Anze loved his first Halloween pupcake experience!  *4 Barks approved!*