Saturday, October 20, 2012

Doxiepin Likes Mommy's Festive Fall Pedicure

Anze the doxiepin likes Mommy's festive fall pedicure.  Anze is a very smart doxiepin and his Mommy is teaching him about pedicures and festive fall colors.  Mommy went with a couple of her friends to go get pedicures and Anze was missing her while she was gone.  When Anze's Mommy came home she showed Anze the festive fall glitter colors that were painted on her nails.

Anze just sat and stared at Mommy's sparkling and shimmering toes.  She wiggled them back and forth so he could see the pretty colors.  They are perfect colors for Halloween!

Anze's Mommy with a few of her friends! 
Anze was so happy when his Mommy came home! 

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