Monday, October 1, 2012

Anze the Doxiepin Love Ice Cubes

Anze is a doxiepin who loves his ice cubes.  Anze loves to put the ice cubes in his mouth and see how long he can hold it before he has to put it down because it's too cold.  Anze waits far away from the refrigerator for his Mommy and Daddy to give him an ice cube.  He waits for his ice cube in the dining room because he had a traumatizing experience.

Anze was being a curious puppy, about 11 weeks old and was standing next to Daddy while he was getting some ice in his cup from the refrigerator.  A piece of piece missed going into Daddy's cup and fell downward hitting little Anze on the top of his head.  Anze got scared and ran under the couch to hide.  Ever since then, anytime Mommy and Daddy go to get ice from the refrigerator Anze stays far away in the other room.  Mommy and Daddy will either hand Anze an ice cube or they will surprise him and put some in his water dish. 

Anze loves to get ice cubes after he goes on walks, lays out in the sun or just needs to cool off.  Anze is now 20 weeks old and he is losing his baby teeth.  Anze also likes to put ice in his mouth because it feels good on his gums and helps numbs his new teeth coming in.  Sometimes Anze leaves ice cubes on the floor so Mommy and Daddy have to watch him to make sure he eats his ice cube or else they have to pick it up and wipe up the watery mess. Mommy and Daddy are cautious when Anze eats ice cubes to make sure he is sitting down when he eats them and is not running around, so he doesn't choke.  This is one doxiepin who loves his ice cubes!

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