Friday, October 5, 2012

Anze the Doxiepin in his Raptor Dog Costume

Anze the doxiepin is in his raptor dog costume ready for Halloween.  Anze is so excited for his first Halloween in his raptor dog costume. Daddy and Mommy ordered all kinds of different costumes for him to wear. Anze's Daddy was helping him get into his raptor dog costume.  He looks like a fierce little dino raptor.

Anze was being such a good boy when he was getting into his costume.  He was fully cooperative and was making it easy for his Daddy and Mommy to dress him up like a little raptor dino. 

Now its time to put on the hat for Anze's raptor dog costume. 

Ta-Da! Finished product of Anze the raptor dog! 
He's all ready to go trick-or-treating with Daddy! 

{RAWR}  {RAWR} This is Anze's favorite costume! 

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