Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Doxiepin's 2nd Obedience Class 10/2/12

Anze the doxiepin had his 2nd obedience class on 10/2/12.  Anze did really well at his 1st obedience class and was looking forward to his second obedience class. Anze is the only doxiepin dog in his class. He is a very good student and loves to follow instructions that the teacher gives.

Here are some pictures of Anze paying very close attention and listening to what his teacher was saying.

Halfway through his teacher's lecture Anze got distracted by his little friend Nala.

Anze may have a little puppy crush on Nala.  He always gets so excited to see her and loves to be around her in class. 

Time for Anze to practice what he learned.. 

Learning how to walk right beside his Daddy.. Anze learned how to heal and obey commands while walking on leash.

Now its Mommy's turn.  Here is Anze learning how to walk right beside his Mommy. 

Anze did such a good job!  He is such a good doxiepin dog.  Now Mommy feels comfortable taking Anze out on walks and jogs as he now knows how to obey commands and follow rules while being on a leash.

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