Saturday, October 20, 2012

Doxiepin King of the Bed

Anze the doxiepin is the king of the bed! He is the king of the Cal-King sized bed.  There is no crate-training for this doxiepin!  Every night he sleeps right at the top and in the middle of bed.  Some people have to crate train their dogs, however Anze is such a good boy that he has never needed to be crate trained.  

He likes to curl up and snuggle.  Anze is a cuddle bug in bed.

Anze sleeps through the whole night and doesn't wake up until Mommy's alarm goes off in the morning.  Anze sleeps on his own pillow and likes to be covered under his blanket or sometimes if the window is open, he gets the privilege to sleep under the down comforter and bed sheets. 

Sometimes he snores right in his Mommy's ear and stretches out, pushing Mommy off the bed. 

{Goodnight! Sweet dreams!} - Anze  
...ZzzZ... ZzzZz.. zZZzz....