Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Pawsday

Happy Pawsday happens every Tuesday on Instagram.  Happy Pawsday celebrates a picture of a paw of a dog.  This is extremely popular in the miniature pinscher ("min pin") community of Instagram. As Anze is a doxiepin which is half miniature pinscher and half dachshund, he likes to participate in the miniature pinscher Instagram festivities. 

This is a picture of Anze's Pawsday picture:

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Dog Gets Stuck On The Couch

Anze the doxiepin dog gets stuck on the couch.  This was Anze's first time getting stuck on the couch. He always likes to sit on the top of the couch so he can see everything that is going on in all the rooms downstairs in the house.  However, on this special occasion he got stuck by leaning forward and putting his two front paws on the ledge while he kept his back two paws on the higher part of the top of the couch.

Once Anze realized that he was stuck in this position on the couch he looked up for help. He started whimpering because he wasn't sure as to exactly what he should do. 

This little doxiepin dog was so confused as to how he got stuck on the couch, he needed some assistance from his parents to get down and off the couch. Anze will never try this little stunt again. 
He does not like being stuck on the couch. 

Dog Celebrates The Fall Season With Pumpkin Pie

Anze the doxiepin dog celebrates the fall season with pumpkin pie.  This is Anze's first fall season celebrating with a pumpkin pie.  This pumpkin pie is made by Pup-Pie, made especially for dogs.  Anze's Mommy bought it for him from Petsmart.    

The Original Pup-Pie is made by The Lazy Dog Cookie Company.  
One box is 5 oz. and is artisan made, hand cut and hand decorated. 

Anze's Mommy wanted him to celebrate the new fall season and so she got him the "My Little Pumpkin" flavor to go with the occasion.  The pumpkin pie treat is made with natural wheat, corn free and antioxidant rich. 

Anze's Mommy especially liked the fact that the dog pumpkin pie is made with all natural organic ingredients, with no refined sugars, no artificial colors, trans fat free and is soft baked.  This dog pie has a shelf life of 10 months (storing in a cool dry place) which is nice, so this little doxiepin doesn't have to finish it all in one sitting. 

The Original Pup-Pie is veterinarian approved and is considered to be vegetarian made with real fruits and real vegetables and nuts. The "My Little Pumpkin" is made with peanut butter and pumpkin which is hand-dipped in carob yogurt and hand decorated with yogurt dollops.

This is the best natural wheat and corn free pie-shaped treat for Anze the doxiepin dog. 

The Lazy Dog Cookie Company believes every dog should enjoy a delicious slice of homemade pie, and is now giving them the opportunity. Their entire vegetarian line of wheat and corn free soft baked Pup-Pies are made with healthy organic grains and are packed with tasty beneficial ingredients that Anze absolutely loves. 

Anze's Mommy cut him his first slice on September 1st which was the first day to celebrate the new fall season.  These Pup-Pies are proudly made in the USA.

The ingredients include: organic oat flour, oat flour, blackstrap molasses, pumpkin, peanut butter, carob yogurt topping (cane sugar, palm oil, nonfat dry milk, yogurt powder, roasted carob powder, soy lecithin & vanilla), ground cinnamon, ground ginger and sodium bicarbonate.

There is only 48 calories per .5 oz slice.
Calories content 3422 Kcal/kg (calculated). 

Anze loves his pumpkin pie!!

Yum yum yum yum!

Nom nom nom nom nom!

Happy celebrating to the new fall season!  Anze recommends you celebrate with a dog pumpkin pie!