Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dog Gets Stuck On The Couch

Anze the doxiepin dog gets stuck on the couch.  This was Anze's first time getting stuck on the couch. He always likes to sit on the top of the couch so he can see everything that is going on in all the rooms downstairs in the house.  However, on this special occasion he got stuck by leaning forward and putting his two front paws on the ledge while he kept his back two paws on the higher part of the top of the couch.

Once Anze realized that he was stuck in this position on the couch he looked up for help. He started whimpering because he wasn't sure as to exactly what he should do. 

This little doxiepin dog was so confused as to how he got stuck on the couch, he needed some assistance from his parents to get down and off the couch. Anze will never try this little stunt again. 
He does not like being stuck on the couch. 

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