Friday, October 26, 2012

Doxiepin Likes To Study With Mommy

Anze the doxiepin likes to study with his Mommy.  Anze likes to be with Mommy and help her with studying.  Anze the doxiepin is a very smart and well mannered puppy.  He tries to be on his best and good behavior while his Mommy finishes up studying.  Although, sometimes he tries to distract his Mommy by stealing her highlighters and pens, so Anze's Mommy has to hide them in her shirt.  Anze is a studious puppy and likes to show his Mommy that he cares and supports her commitment to study and do well in her career and education.  Anze understands that his Mommy is working towards big goals and dreams which will mean more bones and toys for Anze in the future.  So this doxiepin supports his Mommy sacrificing an hour or two of play time for success in the future!

{How much longer until play time Mommy... (sigh!)}

{Wow! This looks intense.. My Mommy is a smart Mommy!}

{Plfff! Mommy hide her pens and highlighters away from me!}

{I love my Mommy!}

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