Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dogs Dwarf Key Lime Tree

Yay for the dogs dwarf key lime tree! These little dogs got a new dwarf key lime tree for their backyard.  Anze the doxiepin dog and Abby the patterdale terrier were so excited to get their new dwarf key lime tree to celebrate Spring 2015. Their Mommy got the dwarf key lime tree at Home Depot.  Abby showed a special liking to the dwarf key lime tree and loved sniffing the tree and standing near it and guarding it. Abby's Mommy had to be careful that the thorns on the tree did not stab her in the nose.  This dogs dwarf key lime tree already has little buds blossoming into baby limes! Anze and Abby are so excited to plant the dwarf key lime tree.  The dogs really want to add more dwarf fruit trees to their garden!  Their next dwarf fruit tree that they are thinking about is the dwarf meyer lemon tree!  Stay tuned...

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