Monday, April 6, 2015

Doggy Family Time

Anze the doxiepin dog and Abby the patterdale dog love doggy family time. Doggy family time is so important to Anze and Abby's family.  Their Mommy and Daddy love doggy family time too. Their favorite doggy family time is when they all get to play outside in the sun and grass. Abby loves to chase tennis balls outside and Anze loves to go hunting for bugs and lizards. Sometimes Anze and Abby just love to lay and sunbathe in the grass.

Anze is a doxiepin dog who is very lovable and very independent.  He loves to hunt for bugs and chew and eat grass. He loves to roll around and smear his face in gross things like dried bird poop on the ground, snail slime, dried worms, and anything with a dirty scent.  Anze definitely gets a bath after he rolls around in gross yucky things.  Taking baths is another doggy family time moment where Daddy normally gives the dogs a bath and Mommy usually dries them off!

Abby is a patterdale terrier and is a working dog. She loves to chase balls and also likes to chew and eat grass. Abby is a very protective and dominant dog, however she is very submissive towards her Mommy and Daddy.  She is a smooth black coated patterdale terrier who doesn't like to be dirty.  She likes to be clean but she doesn't like getting wet or being in the water. The one thing that this little patterdale terrier does love is..... FOOD!!

Abby's favorite doggy family time is doggy family cooking time! Abby loves eating food and loves when her Mommy and Daddy give her food.  These little dogs ONLY get healthy and clean eating food. They NEVER are allowed scraps or bad/junk food.  Anze and Abby's Mommy and Daddy only feed them bites of food that they would only eat themselves.  This meal they both were given kibble, mahi mahi fish and slices of cucumber.

Doggy family time consists of Mommy and Daddy's meal too!  In one of the bowls it has spiraled daikon radish, cucumber, edamame, green onion, mahi mahi, and white rice.  In the other bowl is white rice, mahi mahi, and green beans.  

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