Sunday, November 25, 2012

Doxiepin's friend Yvette the Maltese

Anze the doxiepin has a friend Yvette who is a Maltese.  Yvette the Maltese has all white hair, unlike Anze the doxiepin who is black, tan and white hair.  Yvette's white hair is very soft and she floppy ears.  Yvette is a good girl and loves to spend time with her family.  She loves Keri and Emily!

Yvette is such a smart Maltese.  She knows how to brush her own teeth with a toothbrush.  She is a professional! She holds the toothbrush with her little white paws while she puts the head of the brush in her mouth.  

No cavities for this pup! The doggy dentist would be proud.

Yvette also likes to give lots and lots of kisses.  
This Maltese is such a lover dog.  

She loves to snuggle and cuddle up. 
She loves to give kisses and press her wet little nose while licking your face.   

Yvette likes spending time with her family and performing tricks for them.  
Yvette loves having her picture taken!  
Sometimes Yvette even likes to stand up like a human!

Yvette can also drink water out of a cup.  
She is a very crafty Maltese that has proper manners. 
She likes to drink water out of her cup and tries really hard not to make a mess. 

This little white Maltese also likes getting her tummy rubs and lay nicely in her pillow bed.  

Another thing Yvette the Maltese likes to do is lay out in the sun.  
She likes to soak up all her vitamin D rays! 

Yvette also likes to take naps and enjoys her sleepy time.  
Looks like someone just woke up and has bed head! 

Yvette loves Keri and Emily!  *xoxoxox*

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