Sunday, June 9, 2013

Doxiepin Puppy Teeth

The pictures and video posted below are Anze's doxiepin puppy teeth.  These photos of the little doxiepin's puppy teeth were taken when Anze was about 5 or 6 months old.  Anze's Daddy is very conscientious of this little doxiepin's oral hygiene.  Therefore he is always checking to make sure that his teeth are fully taken care of.  Anze has two different kinds of tooth brushes made by Nylabone and doggy toothpaste made by Nylyabone.

Anze's puppy teeth! You can see that his baby tooth was still there where he was 5-6 months old.  His adult tooth had already started to grow in.  The puppy tooth was very loose and ready to come out. His other puppy teeth were wiggly and ready to come out as well. Anze's parents were always monitoring his puppy teeth, to make sure he didn't swallow a tooth (as his Mommy had read other puppies have done), and did get an infection. 

Here is a video of Anze's Daddy inspecting his puppy teeth.  His puppy teeth were becoming loose and you can see that she was able to wiggle them.  

This is the dental care package by Nylabone that Anze's parents bought him.  It includes the toothbrush, finger brush and toothpaste.  Anze doesn't mind the taste of the toothpaste, in fact, he almost enjoys it.  He definitely does not like getting his teeth brushed by the finger brush.  Anze prefers to brush his doxiepin teeth with his Nylabone toothbrush. Anze brushes his teeth often to make sure he takes care of his oral doggy hygiene.

Anze's parents also give him Dentastix.  It's a double benefit win-win for Anze.  He gets a Dentastix as a treat while it also takes care of his daily oral care.   

A few weeks after Anze's Daddy made his video showing Anze's loose puppy teeth, his back puppy teeth fell out.  Anze's Mommy found it on the couch.  She was so relieved to know that Anze didn't swallow it!  That's one for the puppy "baby" book! 

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