Friday, July 26, 2013

Just A Lick of Mochi

Anze the doxiepin dog wants just a lick of mochi.  He likes to beg his Mommy for just a lick of mochi. Last week his Mommy gave him a lick of strawberry mochi.  Anze kept licking his lips after he had a lick.

Mochi is an ice cream bon bon that is a yummy dessert.  It is typically served in sushi and Asian restaurants.

This week his Mommy let him have a lick of green tea mochi. 
Anze gets just a lick of mochi, but one lick is just enough. 

Anze wanted to pick the next next lick of mochi he would get for next week.  Anze's Mommy suggested they have one that he hasn't tried yet.

Anze's such a smart doxiepin dog. He picked the mochi sherbet mango, which is one flavor of mochi he hasn't gotten a lick of yet. Anze is going to be on his best behavior until he gets a lick of mango mochi.

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