Monday, July 22, 2013

Growing Into His Los Angeles Dodger Dog Jersey

Anze is finally growing into his Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey.  Anze's Mommy bought him a Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey when he was a puppy and he is finally growing into it where it now fits him. She went on her lunch break to go get him some treats at Petco next door from her work and she saw the cutest Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey.  She got him a size small and it has Velcro up the front middle.


Anze was just a little puppy when she got the LA Dodger jersey, so it didn't fit him properly.  
It was way too big on him but she figured that he would grow into it. 

Sitting on his toys wearing an oversized Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey. 

Anze waiting for his Mommy to pick him up. 

This is Anze's "fall-off-the-shoulder" pose. 

This fits more like a dress than it does a baseball jersey. 

You can't even see Anze's body. 


This is Anze now being able to fit into his Los Angeles Dodger dog jersey.  
Anze is a growing doxiepin dog and finally fits into his jersey. 

This Los Angeles Dodger dog baseball jersey "fits like a glove."

Anze likes wearing clothes and especially loves wearing his Dodger dog jersey. 

Since Anze is part dachshund, sometimes it is hard to find clothes that will fit his long body.  
Here is Anze's updated "off-the-shoulder" pose. 

*"Let's Go Dodgers, Let's Go!"*

Anze is so excited that his was finally able to grow into his Los Angeles Dodger dog baseball jersey. 

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