Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starbucks is Dog Friendly

Anze was so happy to go to Starbucks which is a dog friendly place.  As a dog friendly place, Starbucks provides nice cold water in a cup or bowl for their customer's dogs for no charge.  Anze likes to go on walks to the park when the weather is nice and stop at Starbucks on the way home.

Here is a pic of Anze and his Daddy talking a break in the nice shade on a warm sunny day.

Anze is posing like an airplane while his Mommy takes his picture.  
Anze loves to pose in "airplane mode."

The Starbucks barista personally came outside to bring Anze his bowl of water and give him a nice pat on the head.  She also brought Anze's Mommy her drink iced Starbucks Refresher Very Berry Hibiscus.  It was so good and had real fresh blackberries in it.  

Anze loves Starbucks water! Yummy! 

Anze drank so much and has a full belly of water for the walk home. 

This water is so ice cold and so refreshing. This little doxiepin is one happy dog. 

Anze is one happy boy! 

Thank you Starbucks for being super dog friendly! 

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