Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yoghund Dog Frozen Yogurt

Anze was so excited to try Yoghund dog frozen yogurt.  Yoghund dog frozen yogurt is real frozen yogurt made out of apple and cheddar for a cold dog treat. Yoghund dog frozen yogurt is an all-natural dog treat that you can feed to your dog daily. Anze's Mommy found Yoghund dog frozen yogurt when she was out shopping for potty pads for Anze.  Anze's Mommy loves frozen yogurt so much, and she was so excited when she found a frozen yogurt for dogs!

Anze is patiently waiting for his Mommy to open his frozen yogurt.  
Anze got his Yoghund dog frozen yogurt as his dessert after he ate all of his dinner. 

*Yoghund Real Frozen Yogurt, all-natural daily treat for dogs*
This is the top of the frozen yogurt lid which says "Crazy-delish treat for dogs."
Oh so cute! 

*Crazy-delish treat for dogs*
This is the Yoghund frozen yogurt guaranteed analysis, calorie content and ingredients are on the back of the frozen yogurt cup. 

The guaranteed analysis states that crude protein is not less than 3.0%, crude fat is not less than 1.5%, crude fat is not more than 2.0%, crude fiber is not more than 1.0% and moisture is not more than 85.0%.  

The calorie content is calculated ME 588 kcal/kg = (51 calories per cup).

The ingredients include: nonfat yogurt, water, apple juice concentrate, inulin, cheddar cheese (milk, salt, cultures, enzymes), guar gum, gum arabic and active cultures. 

*Yoghund Ingredients, Calorie Content & Guaranteed Analysis*
This little doxiepin dog can't wait to try Yoghund real frozen yogurt for dogs! 
He is so excited to try the apple cheddar flavor. 

*Yoghund Apple & Cheddar*
Anze says: "Mommy please open my Yoghund dog frozen yogurt.."

Finally! Nice cold dog frozen yogurt dessert treat.

Lick, lick lick, lick...

Yummy, yum, yum, yum!

Anze can't get enough! It's so good! He is so happy! He loves Yoghund dog frozen yogurt. 

This was an up close and in camera shot of Anze eating his fro yo! 

He's so cute! His Daddy broke up the frozen yogurt into chunks so it would be better to eat rather than lick.

You can watch Anze eating his Yoghund dog frozen yogurt. 
He enjoyed it so much! 
He is going to start looking forward to his fro-yo nights! 
This is one happy little doxiepin dog! 

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