Thursday, July 11, 2013

Doxiepin Dog Family

We are a doxiepin dog family.   Anze the doxiepin dog makes his family complete. Anze's parents can't imagine not having a doxiepin in their family after having Anze as their dog son.  Anze loves spending time with his parents.  It's his favorite thing to do!

Some of the activities they like to do together are watching TV, playing fetch, going on walks and hikes, playing at the dog park, visiting Anze's grandparents, car rides, snuggling/cuddling, going on new fun adventures and spending good quality family time together making long-lasting memories.  Anze is a very gentle and nice doxiepin.  He loves to be social and give love and kisses to everyone.

*Home is where the dog is*

Anze is so blessed to have such a wonderful doxiepin dog family. 

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