Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Dog Loves to Smile

Anze is a happy dog that loves to smile.  His Mommy loves his smile and likes to take pictures of the happy dog every chance she gets. Anze is such a happy dog when he gets to play outside, lay in the sun and spend time with his Mommy.  Here are some photos of Anze and his Mommy as the were laying in the sun after playing outside all afternoon.

Anze is always such a happy dog.  He is such a good boy and always so well behaved. 

Yay! Anze looked directly at the camera.  This little doxiepin can be so stubborn when posing for pictures and purposely not looking at the camera. 

Here is a picture of Anze and his Mommy looking outside their bedroom window watching the golfers pass by. 

Here is the little doxiepin being a happy dog.  
As you can see, Anze loves to smile and looks so adorable in this picture! 

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