Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buddy the Doxiepin

Anze the doxiepin has a new friend named Buddy the doxiepin.  Buddy the doxiepin dog looks like Anze and has the cutest floppy ears! He even has toys in the background of his picture. Buddy is a male doxiepin dog and is one year old.  Buddy is so cute and loves to snuggle.  He barks at anyone walking past his house because he wants the attention.  Buddy the doxiepin thinks very highly of himself and loves to follow his Mommy absolutely everywhere.  He is a good nurse and even looks after his Mommy when she is sick.  Buddy the doxiepin sleeps in between his Mommy and Daddy every night.  He is such a beautiful boy who will do anything for food.  Buddy is very smart and is great at tricks.  His Mommy says he's the fastest dog anyone has seen at the dog park, like a little greyhound.

Buddy's Mommy and Daddy love him so much! 
They don't know what they'd do without him!  

Anze does EXACTLY everything that Buddy does.  All the activities and things that Buddy are the same of what Anze does.  Anze's Mommy thinks him and Buddy would be the bestest of friends if they ever got the chance to meet and play together.

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