Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cocoa The Doxiepin

Cocoa the doxiepin is one of Anze and Abby's new friends.  Cocoa is a female doxiepin and is 5 months old.  Cocoa is so cute and has a dark face.  She is still developing her personality.  This little doxiepin dog LOVES to eat, sleep and play with her toys.  Cocoa also like to chew on her bones and get into mischief and trouble.  Cocoa the doxiepin is a huge lover and likes to cuddle a lot. Her parents have said that she has already been classified as an escape artist from her crate many times. - Which is funny because Anze is a huge lover and loves to cuddle.  He has separation anxiety issues and would not crate train, however, he is an escape artist from his harness and that is why we have had to buy him a Rogz harness so he can't escape.

Cocoa is so cute with little floppy ears and dark features. She is a beautiful doxiepin dog.

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  1. Thanks for putting Cocoa on your site as one of Anze's and Abby's friends!