Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gemma The Doxiepin

Anze and Abby are so happy to have a new friend Gemma the doxiepin.  Gemma the doxiepin is still a baby puppy.  Gemma is only six weeks old and is a girl.  She is so adorable!  Her mommy Rose is a miniature pinscher and her daddy Rex is a dachshund ("doxie").  Her human parents say that this little doxiepin is the best and worst of both of her parents and love her to death.  Gemma the doxiepin has been a great new addition to her family of now four.  Here is a picture of Gemma.

We are so happy Gemma shared her picture with us. Her floppy ears, brown eyes and little button nose melt our hearts!! We can't wait to see more of Gemma!

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