Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Black and White Dog Scarf

Abby the doxador got a new black and white dog scarf.  The new black and white dog scarf had a floral print with a pink flower bow in the front middle.  This little doxador dog looks so cute and fashionable, yet doesn't always like to dress up like her brother.  This new black and white dog scarf is a size small and bought from Petco.  Abby also isn't as photogenic and does not pose like her brother Anze.  Abby's black and white dog scarf was so cute and is perfect to bring in the spring season.  Her new scarf looks good against her black dark coat. The pink flower bow is pink just like her collar.


Abby and Anze's Mommy feels a little bad because she hasn't posted much of Abby and it's all about Anze (even though this is Anze the doxiepin's website).  I guess it's true, its a lot of work having two children (aka furbabies, including dogs) and the second child (Abby) sometimes doesn't get as much effort as the first (Anze).  As we've been getting a lot of requests for pictures of Abby, Abby and Anze's Mommy will be sure to start posting more of the little doxiepin and doxador pair.

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