Saturday, March 9, 2013

Doxiepin Graduation of Puppy Obedience Classes

Anze the doxiepin had his graduation of puppy obedience classes.  This little doxiepin graduated on November 6, 2012 from Petsmart's puppy obedience classes.  He attended classes once a week for six weeks.

Anze is such a good puppy and listened and obeyed his Mommy and Daddy.  He was jumpy and skittish at random unexpected noises and was scared to be around other dogs.  Anze was enrolled in puppy obedience classes so he could learn to be friendly with other dogs and not be so scared of them. His Mommy and Daddy wanted to socialize him with other puppies to make him feel more comfortable. 

However, not only did Anze learn how to be social with other puppies and make new friends, but he also learned how to #1) watch me, #2) sit, #3) down, #4) take it, #5) leave it, #6) stay and #7) come.  Anze was so fast to learn watch me, sit and down.  Anze is good at take it and leave it so there was no struggles there.  The areas that Anze needed work were on the commands "stay" and "come."  Anze doesn't like to "stay" by himself, but has gotten much better, hit or miss, every time.  However, with the command "come", Anze is stubborn and doesn't like to come when called.  That's still a work in progress.. 

Anze loved his instructor Heather.  She honestly is so wonderful and amazing! It was like she could talk and feel "puppy language."  Anze and his parents would highly recommend anyone looking for puppy classes to go to Petsmart training. Their trainers are extremely talented and have great expertise.  Heather was ultimately the best!! She answered any and all questions Anze's parents had about him being a puppy and certain stages of behaviors he was experiencing and going through. 

Anze's parents are so proud of their little doxiepin and his graduation of puppy obedience classes. 
Stay tuned for Anze's intermediate obedience classes.... 

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