Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Morning Walks To Keep Doxiepin Lean and Healthy

Anze's Mommy likes to take him on morning walks to keep her doxiepin lean and healthy.  Anze likes to go on morning walks on the weekends after he's had a nice time to sleep in.  Anze is in good shape as he exercises, works on his fitness, and is in good health, while having lean muscles and little body fat.

Anze loves to sniff and smell all of the surrounding plants and things while he goes on his morning walks.  He sometimes like to chew on grass while he explores.  His Mommy does not let him eat a lot of grass as it's not good for his stomach. 

Anze likes to find rabbits, squirrels and other dogs scents. 

It was a beautiful morning and perfect time to go on a morning walk. 
Time to get some exercise in to keep fit and healthy. 

Anze used to be very scared of cars passing by, but now that he's turning into a big boy, he doesn't get scared as much anymore.

Anze the doxiepin marking his territory.

Anze practicing how to heel and walk by his owner (Mommy). 

This little doxiepin is doing such a good job!  
His training classes are definitely paying off! 

Anze marking his territory again..

More sniffing.. 

Beautiful background of the Villa homes and golf course.

Anze did such a good job keeping focused and on track while he was on his morning walk.  
He is such a good boy and likes to exercise to stay lean and healthy.
However, he has so much energy that after a 3.5-4 mile walk, he still has so much energy!
I guess that's from his "miniature pinscher" genes!

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