Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doxiepin Plays At The Dog Park

Anze the doxiepin loves to play at the dog park.  Here are some pictures of the little doxiepin playing with his friends at the dog park. Anze loves to stick his head out the window on the way to the dog park.  He loves smelling all the fresh air and wind flapping through his ears.  His Mommy and Daddy always make sure that he is secure in his seat so he doesn't fall or jump out of the window before driving.

When Anze gets out of the car, he starts hopping and yipping in excitement because he knows he's about to get to go inside the dog park and play and run around with the other dogs.  Anze always goes into the right side of the fence which is meant for only little dogs to play.  The left side the of fence is meant for big dogs.  This helps create an environment for the little dogs to play and feel safe, while the big dogs get to run around freely without having to worry about trampling over and hurting the little dogs, especially little doxiepins like Anze. 

Anze was so happy he got to see his friend Luigi.  This little doxiepin and miniature Italian greyhound play so well together.  Luigi is one of Anze's best friends. They love to play together and go explore the dog park together.  They are two partners in crime. But good crime, of course, since they are both good boys! Luigi and Anze have each other backs. If other dogs want to play with them, they will go and play, but they will always come back to each other to check in with each other. 

BFF kisses! = This is how they show their love and affection, kind of like their secret dog handshake.  

There's Luigi's Mommy playing with them. 

Happy little doxiepin playing at the dog park. 

Anze and Luigi were so sad because they didn't want to leave.  They were having so much fun together.  But Anze will get to play with Luigi again soon. They wanted to take family pictures before they left since they had such a great time.

Family photo! Anze (cutest doxiepin ever) with his Mommy and Daddy. Easter is tomorrow! 

Luigi and his Mommy! 

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