Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doxiepin Easter Bunny Dog

Anze is the doxiepin Easter bunny dog who is celebrating his first Easter.  He looked so cute with his easter bunny ears on.  Anze went and sat down just perfect (as he may have remembered from his Christmas photo shoot).  He wasn't as excited to wear his Easter bunny ears though.  As this little doxiepin has such a small head, the Easter bunny ears were too big.  Anze's Daddy had to bend the headband on the ears so they could fit snug on his head.

Awww such a cute doxiepin Easter bunny dog.  
Anze's Mommy got him blue bunny ears as Easter tends to be surrounded with girly pink and purple colors, and she wanted to make sure she protected his masculinity.  The blue Easter bunny ears fit so snug on his head. - Thanks to his Daddy's special bending of the headband techniques.

Such a good boy posing for the camera. 
Anze likes to respond when we call his name, we say his favorite words "treat", "Grandma/Grandpa", "Uncle Ryan", "walk" and make smooching kissing noises.  Since Anze was being such a good boy, his Mommy and Daddy kept rewarding him with treats.  

After all the excitement and a belly full of treats, Anze did not want to be the Easter bunny anymore. He had enough picture taking and bunny ear wearing for the night. He was not a happy camper. 

This is a video clip of Anze confirming to his Mommy that he is no longer willing to cooperate and participate in being the Easter bunny dog.  This little doxiepin was DONE!! He didn't even respond to a treat.. 

As Anze was such an unhappy little doxiepin with the bunny ears on, his Mommy took his bunny ears off of him and then became a happy little dog.  He was so happy laying by the warm aquatic glassel fireplace that he stretched out and relaxed. 

Anze was relaxing and stretching out until he accidentally kicked the blue Easter egg with his little foot. 
He then got up to investigate what he had just done.
Anze watched the blue Easter egg spin and move.. 

Anze took the blue Easter egg back to his sitting area and kept it close for safe keeping. 

Anze is such a happy little doxiepin getting to celebrate his first Easter! 
Yayy for Anze my festive little Easter bunny dog!

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