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No Bake Easy Pupcake Recipe

Anze's Mommy created her own no bake easy pupcake recipe for Anze's Easter treats.  This no bake easy pupcake recipe only uses fresh organic fruits and veggies that are Anze's favorites! Pupcakes are the nickname for the meaning of cupcakes for puppies and dogs.  Anze's Mommy previously posted an easy pupcake recipe, however that one required you to use the oven.  This one listed below, is more of a cool treat that you can put in the freezer that goes in order step by step.

As Anze is a doxiepin (part miniature pinscher and dachshund) it is important that his Mommy and Daddy keep him lean and fit.  Most dachshunds tend to have back problems when they get older as they are very long in diameter, while they also have big heavy chests.  Therefore, if you feed dachshunds table food scraps and non-healthy foods and treats, they can tend to be overweight and that is not good for their health and bodies. Anze only gets fruits and vegetables as a treat (in moderation) and he seems to love them.

This little doxiepin's favorite fruits and vegetable are in the picture below which are the entire ingredients in this pupcake recipe.

INGREDIENTS: small handful of blueberries, a few green beans, 1-2 carrots, 1 banana, 1-2 avocados, 1 cucumber and 1 apple.

First step, wash all the fruits and veggies under warm water to make sure you are working with clean fruits and vegetables.

Next step, unwrap and peel the banana and break it up into several chunks in a big bowl. 

Peel the cucumber so you don't have the hard skin on the outside.
Then cut up and mince cucumber very fine.
Make sure you chop cucumber fine and there are no big chunks.

This is Anze's favorite treat to eat. He will do ANYTHING for a slice of cucumber.  

He was being such a good boy - not knowing he had a surprise coming - his Mommy gave him a slice of cucumber. *HAPPY BOY* 

Then add the freshly chopped peeled cucumber into the bowl with the banana. 

Now cut the ends off the green beans and chop them into small little pieces.  Make sure they are small enough slices to where they will mix nicely and won't be too big to where your dog can choke.

Then add the finely chopped green beans into the bowl with the chopped cucumber and banana.

Next take the pre-washed small handful of blueberries and chop them up as well. Anze's Mommy found that it was easier to squeeze them with her fingers and kind of pull them apart, rather than using a knife to try to cut them. 

Then add the smashed blueberries into the bowl with the chopped green beans, chopped cucumber and banana. 

Anze loves blueberries. He goes crazy over them. He loves to get them in his mouth and squeeze and eat the juice out of them. They are always such a good treat. 

Next chop up half of an apple and blend it together.  You can add a few teaspoons of water if your blender needs it to better blend the apples into a liquid texture.  

Typically, if Anze's Mommy is giving him a little piece of apple, she will take the skin off of it just to make sure he does not choke. However, as she is going to be blending this very well, she left the skin on. 

It's blending time! LOVE = Magic Bullet! 

The little chunks of apple are now blended into a chunky kind of liquid consistency. 

Now add the blended apple to the smashed blueberries, chopped green beans, chopped cucumber and banana. 

Then the fun part comes in and you mix all the ingredients together. Anze's Mommy started off using a spoon, but to break up the chunks of the banana, she had to use her hands.  Then when she was using her hands, she found it was just easier to mix all the ingredients by hand.  She also felt around for any pieces of the ingredients that were too big that she felt Anze may possibly be able to choke on.

Next, take out a baking cupcake pan and some wax paper. 

Mold the wax paper to easily fit in the holes of the cupcake baking pan. 
Next, grab a scooper or spoon and measure enough to fill one of the holes in the cupcake baking pan. 
Then start filling the holes. 

If you find that the texture if a little watery- or you notice too much liquid run off, you can try to drain it as much as possible.

Out of the ingredients above, Anze's Mommy was able to make 6 pupcakes and fill 6 of the cupcake holes. 
Next once they are done, you can put them in the freezer to harden together. 
Anze's Mommy left hers in the freezer for about an hour and a half.
Depending on how cold your freezer is, you can leave them in for shorter or longer. 

If you decide to leave in the freezer for longer periods of time, that's fine, just make sure that you thaw the pupcake out before you serve it to your dog, that way they aren't just chewing on a big piece of ice frozen fruits and vegetable ball.  
*Although some dogs may like ice cubes, it is still recommend thawing out so they don't choke.

While they are in the freezer, take the next step and peel the carrots and save the peelings.  Then finely chop the peelings into little short strands so they can be used as sprinkles for the top of the pupcake. 

Ta-da! Now you have carrot sprinkles. You can put your carrot sprinkles in the refrigerator while you are waiting for the pupcakes to freeze. 

Once the pupcakes are ready, you can put them in a cupcake liner (for decoration only - Make sure you remove when you go to give to your dog so they don't eat the paper) and then put a little sliver of the avocado on top.  You can smear the avocado on with a butter spreading knife or you can just use your fingers. 

Then take your carrot sprinkles and sprinkle them on top of the pupcake. 
Anze's Mommy was quite impressed to see how well this NO BAKE pupcake recipe was so easy to make as she just created it from scratch.  She just complied everything healthy that Anze enjoys to snack on from time to time and mixed it all together.  

Now the big test, was to see whether or not Anze the doxiepin was going to like this new cold treat. 

Anze's Mommy called his name and he was approaching.. (you can see his little feet in the doorway) 

He has no clue what his Mommy has for him and is anxiously waiting while she takes a picture..

Anze's Mommy removed the cupcake holder wrapping and put it down on the floor for him to eat.  
Anze literally gasped in surprise as he took a sniff and realized that his Mommy just made him pupcakes!  He hasn't had a pupcake since Halloween!!

He's so happy! He just wants to dig in and chow down! 

Anze's Mommy was happy he was getting his daily dose of fruits and vegetables. 

Anze loves pupcakes.  He would eat pupcakes all day if his Mommy would let him. 

Nom- nom- nom - nom - nom!

Last bite!

All gone!!!

Anze wants another one..... PLEASEEEEEEEE... 

Anze's Mommy was so glad that Anze the doxiepin enjoyed his Mommy's new no bake easy to make pupcake recipe. He is happy that she is sharing this recipe with his favorite fruits in vegetables so that other dogs may get to share in this wonderful treat.  It's perfect for a nice cold treat for the summer time! 

Anze's Mommy saved the rest of the pupcakes in the freezer for another time.. 

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  1. Wow!! This looks so amazing! I am going to make for my dog!